Rocking the Socks for Makenzie: A Special Giving Back Report

Rocking the Socks for Makenzie: A Special Giving Back Report

Giving Back is an essential part of our mission and part of that process involves reporting to our customers and charity partners about this initiative. 

Rocking the Socks for Makenzie: Supporting Makenzie Cadmus and Her Family

Makenzie is a baby girl from Long Island who suffers from a terrible disease, epidermolysis bullosa, a condition that causes her skin to develop painful blisters with the slightest friction. To protect her delicate skin, she must wear bandages from her hands to her shoulders and from the waist down, as well as socks on her arms and legs to stop her from removing the bandages. Her family is incurring many thousands of dollars in medical expenses and faces hundreds of thousands in medical bills in the future.

The Cadmus Family has asked people to Rock the Socks for Makenzie to raise awareness of her condition. We immediately responded, after all, we’re spreading happiness through socks. John made a video where he rocked the socks for Makenzie and wished her a happy birthday. We sent a box of socks for Makenzie and her brother, Crosby and we sent a box of socks as a raffle prize for a fundraiser the family was holding.

We Were Rocking the Socks for Makenzie on Saturday, March 4

Rocking the Socks for MakenzieWe held our first Pop Up Shop on March 4, 2017 at Rust and Gold in Huntington Village and we pledged 10 percent of all sales to support Makenzie Cadmus and her family. So how did we do?

We had a great day. Many people came out to support Makenzie and to say hello to John. We met many existing customers and many new customers. The socks were a big hit, Rust and Gold proved an ideal setting and everyone had a good time.  By the end of the Pop Up Shop, we had raised $338 for Makenzie plus customers donated $72 in cash. Therefore, the Pop Up Shop raised $410 for Makenzie.

But wait, there’s more. We extended the pledge to our online sales and committed 10 percent of our online sales to Makenzie. We raised another $304 dollars for Makenzie through our online sales on March 4.  

All told, we raised $714 that day for Makenzie plus a previous $100 donation we made to her Go Fund Me Campaign, bringing the total contribution to $814.

You can help Makenzie by donating to her Go Fund Me Page.

The more we can do for others, the more happiness we can spread, and the better we will do. We will share that success by giving back. If you have questions or would like to comment on this report, please contact Mark at