Mother's Day 2018 Staff Socks Picks - John's Crazy Socks

Mother's Day 2018 Staff Socks Picks

Mother’s Day Sock Staff Picks for Their Mom
Part 1
Everyone at John’s Crazy Socks loves Mother’s Day. This holiday our staff picked out one pair of socks for their Mom as a gift. If you are looking for the perfect socks for your mom, come and see what our staff picked out for inspiration. In today’s blog we are featuring two of our Sock Wranglers, Miranda and Matt, and Sock Supporter, Andrew. These Gifts are all under $15.00. Get inspired by these sock picks when looking for the perfect gift for your mom.
Miranda picked out her Mother’s Day socks instantly. Her mother is a huge Labrador Retriever lover and had two Labs named Lucky and Pepper. Miranda knows these Lab socks are the perfect gift for her Mother and cannot wait to give her the socks on Mother’s Day. Get inspired with Miranda’s Mother’s Day gift and pick out some animal socks for your mom here.
Matt, our sock wrangler and current sock collection writer, picked the perfect socks for his mother. Matt picked these socks as a gift for his mom because he says “his mom will love these socks almost as much as she loves him.” He was kidding, of course. Matt always likes to bring a little humor into the office and loves his mother very much. If you are looking for another option, how about these tropical fish socks? Description written by Matt, himself. Check it out here.
Have you received any of our Sock of the Month Club socks? Well Andrew, our sock supporter, has probably packed one of those bags for you. Andrew picked out a lovely pair of Van Gogh inspired Sunflower socks. He says he loves his mom because she does his laundry, but we know Andrew loves her for many more reasons. Want to match Andrew with these socks? Click here. Inpsired by Andrew, check out some of our other famous artist socks here.
Keep on the look out this month for more sock picks from the John’s Crazy Sock staff. All of us are wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day!


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