John's Crazy Socks Featured on Fox News to Celebrate Down Syndrome Awa - Johns Crazy Socks

John's Crazy Socks Featured on Fox News to Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month

John Cronin and his co-founder and Dad, Mark X. Cronin, appeared on Fox and Friends this weekend as part of a celebration of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. John always says, “I have Down syndrome, Down syndrome never holds me back.”

The television program organized a special segment to show to highlight businesses founded or inspired by people with Down syndrome. It is a special topic for the show because co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy has a daughter with Down syndrome. John and Mark shared some of the joy from John’s Crazy Socks. John’s Crazy Socks employs people with differing abilities, in fact, more than half our employees have a differing ability. And we give back, raising funds for charity partners including the National Down Syndrome Society.

john and mark on fox and friends

The other business leaders featured on the show included Collette Divitto, who also has Down syndrome and she founded Collettey’s Cookies. Kylie Kaufman also appeared. She founded the jewelry company, Lotte321, to honor her niece with Down syndrome. John and Collette have collaborated on several projects and John’s Crazy Socks has included some of Collette’s cookies in special gift packages.

Every day, John and John’s Crazy Socks strive to show what is possible, what people with differing abilities can do when given an opportunity. John was excited to share that John’s Crazy Socks is now the world’s largest sock store.

You can see a recording of the segment here:


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