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John’s Favorite Socks for St. Patrick’s Day

John here. St Patrick's Day is great fun, especially because I'm Irish. Actually, I am an American, but my family comes from Ireland. My grandmother, we call her Mamo, comes from County Clare. And the Cronins come from County Cork. I visited my family in Ireland and had a great time. I even got to dance at a wedding!

Every year, my family celebrates St. Patrick's Day. My Mom makes a special meal, and we listen to Irish music and tell stories. And I like going to the St. Patrick's Day parades, though no parades this year.

You do not have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I wear special socks for St. Patrick's Day and I made sure we have great St. Patrick’s Day socks. I am starting to think now of what socks I will wear on St. Patrick’s Day. Here are my favorite socks:

Sasquatch Loves Beer Socks: These socks make me think of my Dad. Sometimes I call him a big bear and he likes to drink beer.


Kiss Me, I’m Irish Women’s Crew Socks: I might get these for my Mom because she’s Irish and then I can give her a great, big kiss.

 Kiss Me, I'm Irish Socks

Four Leaf Clover Ankle Socks: These are very pretty socks and will make you smile when you wear them.


Dancing Leprechauns Men’s Crew Sock: When my Dad was a boy, he played for a youth football team called the Leprechauns and my Grandpa was the coach.



 Dancing Leprechauns

Lucky Knee High Socks: These are bright green and fun socks.


Get Lucky Men’s Crew Socks: There is a saying, ‘the luck of the Irish,” and these socks can bring good luck.



I have an extra suggestion, our Happy St. Patrick’s Day Card. My friend Liam designed this card. You can send it with a gift or just give it to a friend. I like this card a lot.

I hope you like my list of favorite St. Patrick’s Day socks.


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