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Four Leaf Clover Socks - Ankle Socks for Women & Children

Four Leaf Clover Ankle Socks

Top of the morning to you...these feet are smiling wearing these Four Leaf Clover Socks bursting with green clovers.

Everyone knows the 4-leaf clovers symbolize good luck. Rarest of clovers is the four-leaf. Each leaf represents a specific virtue: hope, faith, love, and luck.

As you know Eve carried a four leaf clover out of Eden. Paradise is only a pair of ankle socks away.

Wear Four leaf clovers you could see fairies. Others said the Druids carried four-leaf clovers to let them see and avoid evil spirits.

A four-leaf clover is not a shamrock, which only has three leaves.

These Four Leaf Clover Ankle Socksmay make you think of Ireland, but they were made right here in the United States.

Style: Ankle
Size:  Women with shoe sizes 4 through 8 and most children, sizes 2 – 10. 
Sock Maker: Living Royal (USA)
Materials: 100% polyester
Country of Origin: USA