Special Olympic Athlete Donates $90,000 to Special Olympics New York

Long before John Cronin became an entrepreneur and started John’s Crazy Socks, he was a Special Olympic athlete. Because the Special Olympics has meant so much to him, John makes sure that his business gives back to the Special Olympics. As part of that giving back, John delivered a check for $3,681 to the Special Olympics, bringing the total amount donated to the Special Olympics to over $90,000 in a Giving Back program that has raised over $360,000 for charity partners. 

“I love the Special Olympics,” said John Cronin, the co-founder of John’s Crazy Socks. “It is so much fun. I love the competition. I love my teammates.” John and Andrew

 John’s co-founder and father, Mark X. Cronin, said, “Without the Special Olympics, there would be no John’s Crazy Socks. It helped John develop in so many ways. It taught him to work for a long term goal. It taught him teamwork. It taught him how to deal with failure and how to be coached.” 

Upon receiving the donation check, Diane Colonna, the Regional Vice President Development for Special Olympics New York said, “We love seeing John and we so appreciate the donation. Now more than ever, we need support so we can take care of our athletes during the pandemic.” 

From the day the father-son duo opened John’s Crazy Socks in December 2016, they committed to giving back to the Special Olympics. They started by donating five percent of their profit and they donate 5 percent from the sales of the Sock of the Month Club. Plus, they sell products – their Shark Socks and Polar Plunge Socks – that raise money for the special Olympics.

Special Olympics New York is an amazing organization that provides inclusive opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to compete in Olympic-style, coached sports. Each year, over 68,000 athletes and 41,000 volunteers participate in Special Olympics New York. They sponsor 22 sports and host over 6,500 events each year.   

John does more than play sports and donate money for the Special Olympics. He is a member of the Athlete’s Congress for Special Olympics New York and has participated in the Polar Plunge for the last six years. 

John laughs when he says, “I am willing to jump into freezing water for the Special Olympics.” John does the Polar Plunge

John started playing Special Olympics Soccer with the Huntington Boys Club when he was five years old. He still plays soccer under the guidance of Coaches Murray Calichman and Mike Ludin. He also plays basketball and track and field with the Commack Sharks under the direction of Coach Joe Amadeo. And John’s favorite Special Olympic sport is snowshoe where he competes with the Huntington Blue Devils coached by Linda Costello-Roth. 

John said, “I love my coaches and l am so grate4ful for all they do for me and my teammates.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has made things more difficult for organizations like the Special Olympics. They have been creative in adopting virtual and remote programs for athletes, often at increased cost, yet fundraising has become more difficult. That is why it is important for John’s Crazy Socks to maintain its donations to the Special Olympics.

John throws the javelin

About John’s Crazy Socks

John’s Crazy Socks was inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his love of colorful and fun socks—what he calls his “crazy socks.” He and his father, Mark X. Cronin, started the company as a social enterprise built on four pillars: 

  • Inspiration and Hope: We hire people with differing abilities, share videos to show what people can do, host school tours and school groups that come for work experience. We want the world to see what people with differing abilities can do.
  • Giving Back: We donate 5 percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics and raise money through our Sock of the Month Club and charity and awareness socks for our charity partners like Autism Speaks, the Autism Society of America, the National Down Syndrome Society, and the Williams Syndrome Association. We have raised more than $360,000 for our charity partners.
  • Socks You Can Love: We have over 2,000 different socks plus a Sock of the Month Club, gift boxes and gift bags. And our selection is matched by our customer service: Most customers receive their socks within two days of ordering.
  • Making It Personal: Every package gets a thank-you note from John and some candy.

For more information, visit our webpage, Facebook page, Instagram account or YouTube channel. You can also contact us at 631-760-5625 or via email at service@johnscrazysocks.com.