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John Presents Unity Socks to Members of Congress

John Cronin, Co-founder and Chief Happiness Officer at John’s Crazy Socks created Unity Socks in an effort “to bring America together.” On March 30, he presented a pair of those socks to Congressman Andrew Garbarino and Congressman Tom Suozzi and announced that he would present a pair of the socks to every member of Congress. John’s Crazy Socks will donate 10 percent from the sale of the sale of the Unity Socks to the National Down Syndrome Society.

John gives a tour to the Congressmen

John Cronin, the award-winning entrepreneur who happens to have Down Syndrome, welcomed Congressmen Andrew Garbarino (R-NY2) and Tom Suozzi (D-NY3) to the company’s Melville, NY headquarters for a tour and briefing on issues facing people with differing abilities in the workplace. Part of the mission at John’s Crazy Socks is to demonstrate the abilities of people with differing abilities and to advocate for their rights. More than half the Company’s workforce has a differing ability.

Following the tour and meeting, the co-founders John and Mark X. Cronin hosted a special unveiling of their Unity Socks and announced plans to give them to all members of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.  

Flanked by Congressmen Garbarino and Suozzi, John Cronin unveiled the company’s Unity Socks.  Designed by John with American flags spread across a field of blue, they were created to symbolize the unity and inclusion that binds all Americans. 

Following the unveiling John Cronin stated, “Let’s do something to bring people together and make them happy. No more fighting, no more violence. Let’s come together. We are all Americans.”

“We may come from different backgrounds and have different political views, but we share a common belief in the promise of the United States of America.  It is our intention to share our unity message and these special socks with each member of Congress.  This is a non-partisan effort, and we thank both Congressman Andrew Garbarino, a Republican, and Congressman Tom Suozzi, a Democrat, for encouraging our efforts to unite all Americans and spread happiness, which is part of our core mission at John’s Crazy Socks,” said Mark X. Cronin Co-Founder of Johns Crazy Socks. 

“John is a remarkable individual who, along with his father, Mark, know that with hard work, anything can be accomplished. These socks represent what we need in this nation today – unity. Together with the Cronin’s and my good friend and colleague, Representative Suozzi, we embrace this effort and welcome the opportunity to participate in the sharing of the important message of bipartisanship,” said Congressman Andrew Garbarino.

“Having constituents like John and Mark who are focused on inclusion and bringing people together is truly inspiring.  Sharing socks with members of Congress may be a small gesture, but it carries a very important message.  Unity is critical now and for the future of our nation,” said Congressman Tom Suozzi.

Congressmen Garbarino and Suozzi are longtime supporters and fans of John Cronin and his efforts to promote inclusion and the spreading of happiness. Garbarino, the first term member of Congress, championed the idea of creating the socks and working with John and his father Mark to give them to all members. As part of the CEO Commission on Disability, John and Mark are working with Congressman Suozzi to enhance the ability of people with disabilities to retain more of their earnings. 


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