Celebrating First Paychecks

There is nothing more important that we do than create jobs especially for people with differing abilities. Today, we had five people receive their first paycheck, four of whom have a differing ability. For three off them, they had never received a paycheck before because this is their first paying job.

Nicholas with his first paycheck

Our new hires include Nicholas, a 20 year old man on the autism spectrum, who has been looking for a job for two years. On getting his first check, Nicholas said, “This is awesome.” And when his mother picked him up from work, he couldn’t wait to show her his paycheck.

Jeanne with her first paycheck at John's Crazy Socks

 And there’s Jeanne, a 38 year old woman and Special Olympic athlete. She lost her previous job due to the pandemic. She held her check and said, “This makes me so happy.”

Daniel with his first paycheck

There’s Daniel who is so focused on work that he barely wants to take a break. He only agreed to take a photo because we said we would be quick.  And Patrick who operates on an even keel and fills orders as if born to fill that role.

Patrick with paycheck

Nicholas, Jeanne, Daniel and Patrick joined us a Sock Wranglers (pickers in our pick and pack warehouse). Each earned his or her job by passing the Sock Wrangler test because we do not give jobs to anyone, everyone earns their job. We hired them because they do great work, the fact that they may have a differing ability like Down syndrome or being on the autism spectrum only makes it sweeter.

William with paycheck

We also added William, a recent college grad who found tough sledding in the pandemic job market but joins us as a Happiness Packer and shows the hustle and perseverance to suggest he has a very bright future. He said, “I love working here.”

Hiring people with differing abilities is not altruism, it is good business. And those businesses that hire people with differing abilities will have a competitive edge over those that restrict their hiring to exclude talented workers.

When you buy from John’s Crazy Socks, you make it possible for us to create jobs and hire people with differing abilities. Your purchase helps us change the world.