Best Compression Socks | Travel Socks 2022

Ready to travel this Summer? Don't forget your Compression socks!


Relieve swelling while while wearing our compression socks that have some sassy cats all over them. 

These compression socks have moderate graduated compression with 15-20mmHg.

Some benefits of Compression socks: 

  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase blood and lymph flow to the heart
  • Prevent tissue swelling
  • Prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins 
  • Reduce the risk of blood clots


1.Pulse Compression Women's Knee High Sock $19.99

Review: "These socks were a gift for my daughter who is in nursing school and on her feet long hours. She loves them!" Amy

2.Sock 1 Sock 2 Women's Compression Socks $19.99

Review:"Absolutely love these socks! First off they make my legs feel great but even better is that they make my grandkids giggle and brag that their Grandma is so COOL - even her legs are crazy! Charmayne 

3.Unicorn Unisex Compression Socks

Review: "My experience was top notch, easy to order, shipping was fast, the note and the candy, MADE MY DAY!" Diane

4.Rainbow Pride Compression Women's Knee High Sock $19.99

Review: These are some supreme quality socks. The design is immaculate and they are fit to the actual shape of the leg which you wouldn’t see in any other regular store bought kneesocks. I love everything about this company and what they do ❤️ - Elliott 

5.Camo Compression Knee High Socks $19.99


  Review: I must say the material is soft and smooth against my feet. Wasn't tight or anything. I highly recommend. - Melinda

6.Butterfly Compression Socks $19.99


Review: I have bought a few of John's compression knee high socks and they work great for me! I wear them to work every day sometimes working 12hr days and they keep my swelling down in my legs and feet.

7. Black Unisex Compression Knee High Sock $19.99

Review: "I wear a light compression sock because I am on my feet all day, I have several other brands, but always trying to find the most comfortable ones. I bought a pair of Johns socks and they are the best ones I have tried. Buying a few more pairs and throwing out the others." Kelly

8. Best Medicine is Laughter Unisex Compression Knee High Sock $19.99


Review: "Our nurse friend LOVED theses socks!"

9.Cat Unisex Compression Knee High Sock $19.99

Review: "Socks fit perfect and are so comfy. The cats are adorable. Excellent product. Highly recommend !" - KR