31 Halloween Socks To Wear This October

You might only be able to wear a costume once or twice this Halloween season. But you can wear Halloween themed socks all October Long check out these 31 awesome socks to wear this Spooky season!

1:Check out our Pumpkin Carving Men's Crew Socks for the ultimate icon of Halloween - the Jack O Lantern! Only $11.99

2:Here kitty, kitty! Make a purrrfect statement in our must have Black Cat Women's Crew SocksThese are great for anyone looking to show off their love for this fun holiday and the iconic black cat! Only $9.99

3:Our I Heart Halloween Women's Crew Socks are for the one who feels at home during this spooky fall season. These are great for anyone looking to show off their love for this fun holiday. Only $9.99

4: Check out our Very Spooky Creatures Women's Crew Socks!  These are the ultimate Halloween iconic socks for those who dare to say they love crazy socks. Only $9.99

5:Check out our Very Spooky Creatures Men's Crew Socks for the ultimate Halloween iconic sock! Only $11.99


6:Check out our Vintage Halloween Men's Crew Socks for a trip down memory lane. These vintage icons of Halloween make me smile! Only $11.99


 7:These Vintage Halloween Women's Crew Socks are great for anyone looking to show off their love for this fun holiday! These vintage icons of Halloween make me smile! Only $9.99


8:These Undead Friends Women's Crew Socks  leave no room for boring in your sock drawer. Spooky ghosts and pumpkins in a graveyard? EEEEKKK!! Only $9.99
9:Wear our Dead Man's Toes Men's Liner Socks with sneakers, boat shoes, and loafers. These pirate themed socks are a must have for the crazy sock connoisseur! Only $6.99
10:Rock out in our Halloween Icons Women's Knee High Socks for the nights that are now longer, darker and colder. These are great for anyone looking to show off their love for this fun holiday. Only $13.99

11: For the coffee loving crazy sock connoisseur, we offer up these amazing new Death Before Decaf Men's Crew Socks!Your feet are trapped in your shoes all day. Why not give them something fun and festive to look at with these super coolsocks. $11.99
12:Day Of The Dead? Dia De Los Muertos? Whatever you call it, make sure you are wearing our Big Muertos Skull Men's Crew Socks! Grab yourself a pair of these spooky skulls, perfect for any occasion where a little fun and scariness is needed! $13.99

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten socks—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
"Tis some visitor," I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—

Show your love for the classic literary Nevermore Women's Knee High Socks. $14.99

14:If you want to be on "pointe" and show off all of your great ballet moves, then these Ballet Slippers Women's Knee High Socks are perfect for you! $14.99

15: If you want to be on "pointe" but you're also part witch, these Goth Witch Ballet Slippers Women's Knee High Socks are perfect for you!  $14.99

16: Our Muscle Crew Socks are the coolest (and creepiest) socks around. Humans are the only large creatures that can stand on two feet continuously. We owe the stability to achieve this to 26 bones, 33 joints and 19 muscles and tendons in each foot and ankle. Only $8.99

17:How could you not want a pair of Spider Senses Junior Crew Sock? Just look at that little spider and all the work it has done to make your red socks spooky! It put webs on your feet and even spun some up at your ankles! That little spider is a very hard worker and you should show it some love by getting yourself a pair. Only $8.99

18:Are you a crafty wizard? Can you unlock doors and cast a Patronus charm? Well then, these Men's Spells Trouble Crew Socks must be worn to every magic lesson you attend. Only $12.99

19:Pumpkins, leaves, acorns and a delicious cup of hot cocoa decorate this beautiful sock that will accentuate your outfit not only in the autumn but all year-round.  Enjoy our own-designed Pumpkin Spice Socks!  Only $8.99

20: Adorn your toes with The Scream, the popular painting and pastel by expressionist artist Edvard Munch. Only $9.99 

21:Finally some compression socks with style! The X Ray Unisex Compression Knee High Sock proves there's no reason support can't be fun! Compression socks helps promote better circulation for diminished leg swelling.  $19.99

22: You will be chillin' like a villain in these socks.

Evil has entered in sock form as your favorite Disney Villains are here to stay. Be your favorite Disney villain today! $22.99

23:We interrupt your description for Black Cat Socks with a reading from Edgar Allen Toe's The Black Cat Socks. Do not be a scaredy-cat; please heed the warning of this hairy tale: $10.99

24: Don't just kick the autumn leaves with your shoes, wear these leaves inside your shoes as well!  The classic black background of the Fall Leaves Socks Men's Crew have leaves of many colors scattered throughout.  Perfect anytime and especially a crisp Fall day! $13.99

25:Autumn...the changing of seasons. Time for some pumpkin spice and pumpkin picking. These Oh My Gourd Socks are covered in all different shapes and sizes of pumpkins. $13.99

26:Our neon Love Skull Unisex Ankle Socks glow in the dark! I mean, does it GET any cooler than that?  Only $8.99

27:ThesWitch Boot Crew Socks go with any Halloween outfit and will get you noticed. The are great style and great fun. Wearing these socks will make you happy. Don't have a proper Halloween costume? Wear these! $12.99

28: Fun Creepy Jack O' Lantern Unisex Ankle Socks that are ideal for Halloween.  They look good and are super comfortable! Get into the Halloween spirit with these socks and people will notice you. What a fun way to enjoy Halloween! $8.99


29: These Candy Corn Unisex Ankle Socks go with any outfit and will get you noticed. Great style. Great fun. Wearing these socks will make you happy on Halloween! $8.99

30:Welcome to The Dark Side with our Black and White Skull Unisex Ankle Socks. Add a little flair to your everyday outfit with a pair of these as they are the perfect socks for working out, running errands, or being spooky somewhere! $8.99

31:Can’t decide on just one Halloween favorite? Have them both with Ghost and Bat Socks!Grab a pair of spooky striped crew socks for Halloween! They are guaranteed to BOO-st your confidence! You’d have to be batty to feel ashamed in these socks! $6.00