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14 Socks To Ring In The New Year

Looking for the best socks for the 2022 year? Best socks to wear in January this year!

1. Blue Buffalo Plaid Crew Socks!On sale for $8.99By popular demand, we have created a Plaid Sock! Say goodbye to cold, boring feet with a pair of Blue Buffalo Plaid Socks. Imagine this - you are working outside with your blue plaid shirt and realize, "OH NO! My socks are so boring!" Well, now you can match your shirt with a pair of these Blue Buffalo Plaid Socks. This print can be dressed up or down. We want to see how you will style these socks!

2.Beach Sunset Crew Sock $13.99 Missing the Summer? so are we! Beauty unmatched is a sunset.  Relax in to the moment in our Beach Sunset Crew Socks.  

3.Playful Pups Crew Sock $13.99If dogs could talk, I would never try to make human friends ever again.  Our Playful Pups Crew Socks are just that same amount of playful, bright, and cozy that you love in a dog.  These are prefect for you or your favorite dog lover!

These exclusive socks were designed by John's Crazy Socks and are ONLY available here!

4.Sunday Funday Socks Crew Sock $12.99 What's better than Sunday Funday? Nothing but Sunday Funday Socks, of course! You can watch your favorite football game on the couch with your friends and family while wearing these crazy socks. These Sunday Funday Socks might give your favorite football team some good luck.  So sit back on your couch or brave the excitement at the Stadium with a pair of Sunday Funday Socks. 

5.Hawaiian Socks $8.99 Aloha! Didn't get to go on that exotic vacation this year? Well, pretend you're there with these Hawaiian Socks. These socks are ready to hit the waves and relax on the beach.  They were designed after Hawaiian shirts and will complement any Luau outfit. Hawaiian Socks can even be worn in the winter to bring in hopes of Summer sun. What are you waiting for?

6.Mismatched Chess Crew Socks $13.99 Our Mismatched Chess Crew Socks are the ultimate crazy socks. Why, you may ask? Because each sock is different! One sock has a chessboard and the other sock has chess pieces. These socks go as great together as...well...you guessed it...a chessboard and chess pieces!  

7.Unity Flag Unisex Crew Sock $13.99

Designed by John with American flags spread across a field of blue, we created these Unity Socks to symbolize the unity and inclusion that binds all Americans. As John said, “Let’s do something to bring people together and make them happy.”

John gave a pair to every member of Congress and to President Biden. You can wear them too and show your support of a Unified America. 

8. Taco Socks $12.99

It’s raining Taco Socks! From out of the sky!

The most versatile food in the world has done it again! Not only are Tacos perfect for parties, snacks and the midnight munchies, but now they are the most fashionable accessory you can wear! Taco Socks! It’s like a dream!

9.It’s BBQ Time Crew Sock $13.99 Summer time is here and that means it's all about firing up the BBQ and get to grilling in our It’s BBQ Time Crew Socks

These socks will make the perfect gift for the unabashed carnivore who doesn't mind the world knowing that you like a slab of meat for dinner.  Available in both men's and women's sizes.

10. Stars and Moon Socks $8.99: Stars and Moon Socks have landed at the John's Crazy Socks office and they will soon be blasting off as they are a very stylish and popular sock. We promise you, these sun and moon socks will take you to where no other sock as gone before - into the great unknown. Let the stars align!

11. Earth Globe Socks Crew Sock $8.99

Ever wonder what the World looks like from space? I do!

Well, marvel at these beautiful Earth Socks.  While wearing these stylish crew socks, everyone on Mars, Venus & Neptune will be asking you where they can get their own pair of Earth Socks!

12. Mismatched Hamburger Hot Dog Crew Socks $13.99

Our Mismatched Hamburger and Hot Dog Crew Socks are the ultimate crazy socks.

Why, you may ask?

Because each sock is different! One sock has hamburgers and the other sock has hot dogs. These socks go as great together as...well...you guessed it...hamburgers and hot dogs!  

13. Carnival Socks Crew Sock $8.99

We here at John’s Crazy Socks love to have fun, and what is more fun then a carnival? The sights, the smells, the sounds of laughter heard amongst the cladder and rumbling of the rides before you, there’s almost nothing better!

14. John's Patriotic Firework Unisex Crew Socks $10.99

Ready to show you're a proud American? Created by John, this Patriotic Firework Crew Sock is a fun addition to any sock collection.


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