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14 Unique Socks For Valentines Day 2022

Yes, Valentines Socks are a GREAT gift for Valentine’s Day!

We want to help you make Valentine’s Day fun. We have collected a great range of Valentines Socks that you can give to your partner, your spouse, your crush, your kids, or just a person you’re sweet on (like your Mom).

You can also celebrate "Galentine's Day" and give a fun pair to your best female friend. What is Galentine's Day, you ask? A day to celebrate being single! Who needs romance when you've got some amazing gal pals and a fun pair of socks?

1.Elephant Love Women's Crew Sock

Fun fact: Elephants are sociable, romantic, and are very emotional! They cuddle and touch each other, and entwine their trunks to show their love. Their love lasts a lifetime. Show someone that your love for them is unforgettable with these awesome socks!

Available in yellow or black, our Elephant Love Women's Crew Sock is the sweetest

 2.Significant Otter – Crew Socks for Woman

Share the love with these Significant Otter Crew Socks for Woman. These adorable socks feature multiple sea otter couples relaxing in the water and floating together holding hands. The Significant Otter Crew Socks for Woman are light blue with a black heel, toe, and trim.

3.Heart Lollipop Socks Women's Crew Sock

Heart Lollipop Socks hover like little red balloons on this gorgeous sock. These socks are sweeter than sugar. Order a pair of Heart Lollipop Socks for yourself or a loved one today.

4.Pugs and Kisses Socks

Lay some hugs and kisses on your pug while wearing Pugs and Kisses Socks!  Show your pug some puppy love with Pugs and Kisses Socks.

These are a perfect gift for the dog lover or pug lover in your life!

5.Half Hearts Socks Women's Crew Sock

Valentine's Day calls for Half Hearts Socks. These stylish and sophisticated socks pair great with any outfit.  Wear these hearts on your feet with our Half Hearts Socks! 

 6.Pindot Hearts Socks 

These subtle, yet colorful, Pin Dot Hearts socks are just the right way to show the world that you LOVE to love. They are classy and beautiful. These are a great gift for the women in your life.  

7.Sloth Love Women's Crew Socks

I Love You A Sloth!  😉 

Our Sloth Love Women's Crew Socks  are the cutest, coziest pun-tastic socks around.  A perfect gift for someone you love, or a way to show the world that you are a lover of this furry, sweet, and slow moving animal.

8.Love Unisex Crew Socks

Walk with Love in our Love Unisex Crew Socks

Life is often quite simple: let’s support choice, embrace diversity, and celebrate life together. Wear these socks with pride and celebrate love.

9.Bacon My Heart Men's Crew Socks

 Don't go bacon my heart! I couldn't if I tried 🥓

 Bacon equals a one-of-a-kind, unsurpassed happiness. Cute and comfy, funny and cheeky. Show the world your unsurpassed devotion to the crispy, greasy, hot, smoky, amazing tidbits of happiness.

10.Love Donuts Men's Crew Sock

Mmmm 🍩🍩.  LOVE DOUGHNUTS? Me too.

Love and doughnuts (or is it donuts?) can make any day better.  Our Love Donuts Men's Crew Socks is the sweet treat we desire any day of the week. 

11.Women's Candy Heart Crew Sock

These 💖 socks are the perfect gift for the sock and candy lover in your life.  Add something sweet to your outfit with our Women's Candy Heart Crew Socks.  The sweet treat you never realized you needed!

12.Heart Waffle Unisex Ankle Sock

Love waffles? We do, too! Devour our Heart Waffle Unisex Ankle Socks.  Put your feet together, click your heels, and imagine you're surrounded by delicious waffles!

13.Happy You Exist Socks 

Want something new for Valentine's Day?  Do you have an old fossil that you happen to love?  Forget the traditional - splurge on the Happy You Exist Socks!  These kissing dinosaurs form a heart and red hearts are scattered throughout the blue background.

14.Melting Hearts Socks

Look out! Melting Hearts Socks are coming through! These awesome socks feature a cool gradient color change, shifting through all the colors of love! Starting up high with a passionate purple, shifting through hot red and finally in to a soft pink all on a light background.


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