2020 Graduation Gifts - Johns Crazy Socks

2020 Graduation Gifts

Give a big congratulations to the Graduate in your life. Whether someone you love is graduated from High School, College, Graduate School or something else its time to show appreciation for all the hard work they have done these past years. This year students might not be able to walk, have prom and other things but they still deserve the spotlight for the accomplishments they have achieved. Make sure to have a virtual graduation party because we have a couple of gifts that can cheer up these graduates let the celebrating begin.

A Graduation Gram


What to get your favorite graduate? Socks from our Graduation Socks Collection. Anybody can give money or a Rolex, but socks are fun, creative and you can make them personal. Why Not Get Your loved one a Graduation, Gram. This Graduation John-Gram includes our Tassel Was Worth The Hassle socks and a Greeting Card

Fun socks that celebrate your career, profession, or occupation. Why not get the graduate a sock based on the career they path they chose. Popular professional socks include Doctors, Teachers, Dentists, Nurses, Police, firemen.
 You get a fresh pair of socks each month, selected by John himself. John has superb sock picking abilities and will only choose the best and craziest of socks for your enjoyment.  Every package gets a thank you note from John, some candy and discount cards. We want you to love opening that package each month. The perfect gift for someone who just graduated! 
The most important thing to remember on your or a loved one’s graduation day is that you worked hard and should be proud of yourself. We here at John’s Crazy Socks want to say congrats to all the graduates of 2020!


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