20 Father's Day Socks | Great Gifts For Dad In 2022

Dad's have it all! So if you are Looking for fun and unique Father's Day gifts, We are the ones who can help! Get your dad a pair of socks from John's Crazy Socks! You can create a gift box or bag! These colorful fun socks will be your dad's favorite in the sock drawer. We have socks available for all the #1 Dads in the world!
1. For the Grilling Dad:  BBQ Master Bag of SocksOur  BBQ Master Bag of Socks are for the man who knows his way around the spices. From dry rubs to glazes to smoked meats and slow cooking to good old fashion barbecue sauce, your creations explode with flavor.


2. For the Cocktail Dad: Cocktail Lovers Gift Bag of Socks for MenDo you know a man who is moved by spirits?  Can go for a drink anytime?

Then, the Cocktail Anyone? Gift Bag of Socks for Men is the perfect gift for him!  This stylish gift bag includes three gorgeous socks - one bourbon, one cognac, one wine.  He'll have the perfect accessory to any party!

3.Down Syndrome Tie And Sock PackNo better combination for yourself or for someone you love - a Down Syndrome Superhero Sock and a fashionable necktie in the colors that celebrate Down syndrome - yellow and blue!  This Down Syndrome Entrepreneurs' Gift Pack features the work of two entrepreneurs with Down syndrome and make a stylish and heart-warming gift.


4. It’s BBQ Time Crew Sock

Summer time is here and that means it's all about firing up the BBQ and get to grilling in our It’s BBQ Time Crew Socks

These socks will make the perfect gift for the unabashed carnivore who doesn't mind the world knowing that you like a slab of meat for dinner.  Available in both men's and women's sizes.


5. Bee Kind Crew Sock

BEES! Most of the food we eat relies on their pollination. We wouldn’t be able to survive without them. 

Wear our Bee Kind Crew Socks while you plant some flowers to help keep the bees around.  Remember that everyday we are presented with opportunities to choose kindness. 


6.Super Dad Me and Mini Crew Socks

Crash onto the scene in a pair of Super Dad Me and Mini Crew Socks! It's time to unleash your inner hero with your mini me in these matching awesome socks! Perfect for Father's Day for the Super Dad in your life!


7.Golf Gear Socks

These Golf Gear Socks are essential for all who want their sock collections to suit them to the tee. Thanks to the relatively unstrenuous nature of the game, at least in comparison to other sports, golfers can continue enjoying the sport for decades. 


8.The Steaks are High Men's Crew Socks

Vegetarians might want to turn back now for these The Steaks are High Men's Crew Socks have all the meats that a carnivore could possibly dream of.


9.Honor Respect Remember Unisex Crew Socks

Honor, Respect, and Remember those who have served our country - our veterans.

These are a beautiful way to pay tribute to those who have fought so bravely for our freedom.


10.US Army Flag Men's Crew Sock

“Discipline is the soul of an Army." We present our fabulous US Army Flag Men's Crew Sock.  The perfect sock for any Army veteran or current enlisted man to show their pride or yours all year round.

11.Dad Bod Men's Crew Socks

Proudly rock your Dad Bod with these Dad Bod Men's Crew Socks, made especially for the soft bellied dad.Great for the guy who doesn't think going to the gym is the best way to spend his time!These awesome socks say, "It's Not A Dad Bod, It's a Father Figure."These are also a great baby shower gift for dads!


12.Grumpy Old Man Men’s Crew Socks

Every man is one or knows one and these socks are perfect for that special someone.  The Grumpy Old Man Socks sum up with a simple fashion accessory the most important thing that everyone needs to know - you're grumpy.  Let these socks be a warning to those who are brave enough to approach.

13.Old Fart Unisex Crew Sock

Old fart, formerly known as stud muffin.  You'll keep them laughing with these Old Fart Unisex Crew Socks.  We all know we love our old farts. These are a perfect birthday gift, too!

14.USA Mismatched Flag Socks

If you could wear a flag poncho to work, you would, but you can't, so you wear Flag Socks instead. With one foot stars and one foot stripes, these Flag Socks are just a little different from your average patriotic foot flair. They're mismatched in a way that matches perfectly, just like the good ol' U.S. of A.


15.Here Comes a Cool Dad Socks 

Is your Dad the best in the world?  Well, why doesn't he have a pair of these socks yet? Here Comes a Cool Dad Socks are the best way to show your Dad how much you love him. A perfect Father's Day gift? Baby shower gift for a new Dad? We think so!


16.Crazy Cat Dude Men's Crew Socks

There are other cat socks out there, but there are no other Crazy Cat Dude Men's Crew Socks out there.  With the skills and traits of kitties, these Crazy Cat Dude Men's Crew Socks will make your feet look and feel their best. If you're a Crazy Cat Dude, you need these socks!

Pay homage to your love for kitties with our euphonious Crazy Cat Dude Men's Crew Socks.


17.Solar System Crew Socks

From Mercury to Earth to Uranus, the whole crew is here on our Solar System Crew Socks. Don't forget Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Neptune, and maybe the Dwarf planet Pluto. These are also a great gift for someone who loves to look through their telescope! 

They do have a 3D effect when you look at them. The shooting star is visible.

18.Laboratory Socks Men’s Crew Sock

Calling all science teachers, attention all chemistry professors, shout out to all you science nerds, are you looking for a great sock that represents your profession, your hobby, your passion? Introducing the Laboratory Men's Crew Sock! Perfect for any mad scientist!

19. President of the Local Gas Company Socks Men’s Crew Sock

We all know someone who could use these socks - someone who contributes to the destruction of the ozone with their self-created gas!  These fun President of the Local Gas Company Socks embrace the fun [or gas] in all of us!  These socks are sure to be a hit - the "gas" of the party.


20.Whiskey Men's Crew Socks

Being a man is Whiskey Business.😂  Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a great bottle of whiskey.  Our Whiskey Men's Crew Socks are perfectly neat or on the rocks.  The man in your life will love these (almost) as much as he loves his whiskey.