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Zodiac Socks Women's Knee High Sock

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Zodiac Knee High Socks

So, baby, what’s your sign?

Just roll up your pant legs and show him by pointing to our Zodiac socks

In Western astrology and astronomy, the zodiac (an area of the sky centered on the path of the sun) is divided into twelve signs, each named after a constellation, pictured on these Zodiac socks. The zodiac refers to the astronomical placement of the stars, but is most often associated with horoscope astrology (as referenced in that terrible pick-up line above). 

Are you able to locate YOUR astrological sign on our Zodiac socks

We are usually told from birth what our zodiac sign is, and thus what our personalities are SUPPOSED to be, but the constellations are showing signs of drifting apart, and distinctive sizes of the constellations take up varying widths, making the the sun’s presence on the constellation different for each. Therefore, it’s possible that we are not of the zodiac symbol that we originally thought.

So, what’s your sign? No, your REAL sign… find out, then find your symbol on our Zodiac socks.

Style:Knee High
Size: These socks fit women shoe sizes 5-10
Sock Maker: Sock It To Me
Materials:  58% Cotton, 40% polyester, 2% spandex
Country of Origin: Korea

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