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Sloth Knee-High Socks

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Sloth Knee-High Socks

There are days for busy bees and sprinting cheetahs, and then there are days that demand Sloth Knee-High Socks. For those that recognize the value of a mellow day spent beneath the shade of a tall tree, the fact that every day doesn't need to be an epic adventure is understood.

The lives of sloths also provide a perfect explanation to those that may challenge you on your penchant for inactivity and for Sloth Knee-High Socks. Though they were named for their alleged laziness, the speed of sloths is actually an evolutionary adaptation that allows them their bodies to conserve energy.  As a result of this inactivity, their fur can become a welcome space for a variety of organisms.  The lesson learned?  Your sloth-like ways are simply in recognition of both the advantage of saving energy and your constant welcoming of new friends and people into your life!

Unleash your inner sloth, albeit not too quickly, with these Sloth Knee-High Socks.

Style: Knee-High
Size: Sock size 9-11 will fit a women's shoe size 5-10

Sock Maker: Sock It To Me
Materials: 54% Cotton,  44% Polyester, 2% spandex

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