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Panda Socks for Women - Over the Knee

Product Description

Panda Socks - Over the Knee

Cute and sassy, our over-the-knee Panda socks are perfect for lovers of of these adorable animals.

Aside from being precious to look at, pandas can also be a sign of peace and unity. Hundreds of years ago in China, warring tribes would raise a panda flag to call a truce. Additionally, because philosophers have long believed the Yin-Yang to be an emblem of harmony within the world (the black and white as opposing forces living harmoniously) the panda is a living symbol of this ideology, with its black and white fur. The gentle nature of the Panda bear is a manifestation of peace and unity. So in turn, wearing these over-the-knee Panda socks is not only a great fashion statement, but a declaration of your belief in a life of harmony. Ask any pageant contestant, and they will tell you, the most important thing is “World Peace.”

Pick up a pair of these Panda socks, and show your dedication to a unified existence (or that you really like pandas).

Style: Over the Knee
 Fits women's shoe sizes 5 to 10.5
Sock Maker: Socksmith
Materials: 56% cotton, 43% nylon, 2% spandex.
Care: Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.
Country of Origin: Korea

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