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LLama Crew Socks


The one thing LLamas than being treated like pack mules is boring socks. Well then, what kind of socks do llamas like? Llamas like socks with llamas on them. Llamas are a bit full of themselves when it comes to self-image, but that’s ok. We heard what llamas had to say, and now we have a new pair of sock to show for: The Llama Socks.

With the fine detail of these cute, yet stubborn animals, it almost makes you wonder: Can my neighbors tolerate me if I get a llama for a pet? Just remember that llamas are most comfortable in South America, that’s where they call their home, so maybe your home isn’t the best place for them. (Unless it’s a farm) But you know what absolutely is ok to have at home? These socks, of course! Aquire them today!

Twisted yarn design. Fits most feet.