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Here Comes Trouble Socks - Crew Sock for Women

Product Description

Here Comes Trouble Socks

Troublemaker. Rabble-rouser. Mischief-maker. Here Comes Trouble Socks announces to everyone that this is indeed what you are. What I don’t understand is why people spit these words out like poison. They’re something to be proud of. A badge of honor to wear for all to see. After all, some of history’s most important women were troublemakers at heart.

Joan of Ark may be the Patron Saint of France, but that’s because she dared to stir up a little mischief. Susan B. Anthony certainly wasn’t following all the rules when she campaigned for women’s rights. But we thank her every day for paving the way for those who came after her. And Rosa Parks? Well, she had Here Comes Trouble Socks written on her forehead, and aren’t you happy that she did?

People throw the word “trouble” at things they’re afraid of. But don’t let them hold you back or tie you down. Cause a scene. Yell a little louder. And smile to yourself when you walk into a room and people say “Here Comes Trouble”. 

Note: "Here comes trouble" appears on the right hand side of both socks.

Style: Crew
Size: Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10.
Sock Maker: Blue Q
Materials: 56% combed cotton, 42% nylon, 2% spandex.

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