Down Syndrome Tie And Sock Pack

Color: Yellow / Blue
Yellow / Blue

Down Syndrome Tie And Sock Pack

No better combination for yourself or for someone you love - a Down Syndrome Superhero Sock and a fashionable necktie in the colors that celebrate Down syndrome - yellow and blue!  This Down Syndrome Entrepreneurs' Gift Pack features the work of two entrepreneurs with Down syndrome and make a stylish and heart-warming gift.

Down Syndrome Superhero Socks

Style: Crew
Size: Large fits most women with shoe sizes 8 or larger and most men with shoe sizes 5-12
Sock Maker: John's Crazy Socks
Country of Origin:USA



Tie Maker:H-Bomb Ties
Size:Length: 57"; Widest Point: 3.35"; Narrowest Point: 1.25"
Fiber Content:100% Microfiber; Satin/Sheen finish
Care:Dry clean
Country of Origin: USA


    Down Syndrome Tie And Sock Pack