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Children's Dinosaur Socks for Ages 1-3

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Blue Stripes
Grey Stripes
Green Stripes
Grey with Navy Stripes
Grey with Black Stripes
Brown Stripes

Children's Dinosaur Socks for Ages 1-3

RAWR! CRASH! BOOM! Children's Dinosaur Socks are perfect for the tiniest little dinosaur lover. With 6 color variations to collect, each sporting a T-Rex and Triceratops, these little socks so cute!

Tiny dinos on tiny feets, what more could you want to make a day perfect? Nothing, that's what. Get your tiny toddler a pair of Children's Dinosaur Socks. 

Style: Crew
Sizes: Sock size 2 -4 fits most children ages 1 - 3 years
Sock Maker: Eros
Materials: 80% polyester, 10% nylon, 10% spandex

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