Spreading Happiness through Our Crazy Socks

Mark X. Cronin

The father in our father-son founding team, Mark works behind the scenes with John upfront as the face of the business. Mark has extensive experience developing innovative organizations with a focus on customers. And he’s a Dad who is excited about working with his son.

Mark X. Cronin

Mark X. Cronin’s career combines public service, technology and innovation. He is the President of Paumonok Innovations Inc., the parent company of John’s Crazy Socks. Paumonok develops online information sites and niche stores. Mark has a long history developing digital offerings. Way back in the 1990’s, he founded New Gutenberg software which produce one of the first baseball informational titles to much fanfare. More recently, he worked to develop ComicSandbox, a site to support budding comedians. (Alas, that site never took flight the way its developers had hoped.)

Mark had served as the Director of Client Services for the Schlitt Law Firm. In that capacity, he worked with the founding attorney to create an innovative case development process built around communicating with and educating clients that led to the firm winning awards for its service. He also led the firm's marketing efforts that resulted in a 500 percent increase in cases handled by the firm.

For two nearly decades, Mark focused on building innovative organizations focused on improving the delivery of health care particularly to the poor and Medicaid recipients. Mark served as Chief Operating and Technology Officer for two health care management firms that empowered doctors and hospitals to better serve clients. As the head of a leading health care consulting firm, Mark advised hospitals, health centers and physician organizations to improve care and he worked with hospitals and health centers as they created some of the best known managed care organizations in New York State.

Earlier in his career, Mark served as the Director of Medicaid Health Services in New York City where he led a major Medicaid reform initiative that included groundbreaking legislation in Albany and improvements in care while holding down costs. While with the City, Mark worked under two mayors and won an award as Manager of the Year. Mark went on to work with hospitals and health centers that created some of the best known managed care organizations in New York State.

He has a background in education having taught graduate studies at NYU and lectured on management at Columbia’s School of Public Health. Early in his career, Mark taught school in Queens and worked for Congressman Joseph P. Addabbo.

Mark received his undergraduate degree from Holy Cross and a Masters of Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He also studied literature at the Graduate Center for the City of New York.

Mark was the co-field organizer for the Barack Obama Grassroots Campaign on Long Island and served as one of President Obama’s appointees on the Rules Committee at the Democratic Convention in 2008.

He has been active in the Huntington community as a coach, volunteer and community advocate. For several years, he served on the board of a local youth organization. Mark’s community activity earned him an award as Man of the Year for civic activity from the Times of Huntington. He is also an avid reader and published author of short fiction, movie reviews and political analysis.