Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Socks - Staff Picks - Johns Crazy Socks

Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Socks - Staff Picks

Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Socks From Our Staff

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It can be difficult to find a gift for that special woman in your life. To help ease the stress of finding the perfect gift, the team at John’s Crazy Socks wanted to share the socks they picked out for their moms as a gift for Mother’s Day. This week features three of our staff members. Our sock wranglers Leah and Riley, and our sock supporter Liam, who have picked out very special socks for their mother. All these socks are under $15.00 so get inspired with these Mother’s Day socks below.
Our sock wrangler Riley was very excited to pick out a sock for his mother. Riley know his mom is a lover of all things beautiful which is why these socks inspired by the Katsushika Hokusai art piece Mt Fuji Over a Lake was the one and only choice. Riley loves his mother to the moon and back, and supports her no matter what. Want to get inspired by some artist lovers socks? Click here.
Liam, our sock supporter, thinks these Pugs and Kisses Socks would make a great gift for his mother. Liam always brings a smile to everyone in the office with his happy upbeat spirit. Liam knows his mother will love these Pugs and Kisses Socks because they are so cute and versatile. The best part about these socks are that it’s easy to find the right size. Looking for an animal loving sock for your mom? Click here to find more animal inspired socks for Mother’s Day.
When we asked Leah what socks she would pick for her mom she had to think about it for a couple minutes. Leah’s goal was to find the most perfect pair of socks to make her mother happy. Leah and her mother share a mutual interest of loving animal socks which why she chose these Coffee Cat Sock. This is a pair of socks Leah knows her mother will adore. Is your mom a coffee lover? Get inspired with other Coffee Socks for mom here.


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