Meet the JCS Team: Ron - John's Crazy Socks

Meet the JCS Team: Ron

 Introducing Ron, a hardworking sock wrangler who has worked with us since 2018. He enjoys his job at John’s Crazy Socks because he likes being around friendly faces every day.

During his time off, Ron spends time with his family and his many cousins. He loves to travel and has visited Peru, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, and, most recently, Cuba. He has seen some of the world’s most majestic sights, from the breathtaking waterfalls of Central and South America to Colombia’s natural wonder, El Peñón, the tremendous rock surrounded by a 740-step zigzag staircase. Ron says, “The best part of seeing the world is learning the stories behind the places I go.” His dream vacation destinations are Tokyo, Greece, and Hawaii.




In Ron’s Good Vibes podcast, he addresses topics like role models, family, and movies, and brings the audience stories that interest him. Ron prides himself on being a kind, caring, and respectful person and that is reflected in his interviews. It comes as no surprise that John and Mark have appeared as featured guests, where they discussed the creation of John’s Crazy Socks.


Although Ron was born with cerebral palsy, he says, “My disability doesn’t stop me from being who I want to be.” He considers cerebral palsy his special ability, like his favorite super-hero, Spiderman. “I am human just like everyone else,” he says. On a personal note, he likes kickboxing, working out, and Mariah Carey. And, except for sushi, he’s a big foodie. Ron also attends a vocational program that teaches him about work and offers support.

Every day, Ron shows what's possible when you give a person with a differing ability a chance.


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