Meet Christine, Happiness Packer at John's Crazy Socks

Christine has been a Happiness Packer at John's Crazy Socks since October 2022. She prepares online orders for shipping and helps to keep our fulfillment operations running smoothly. Want to learn more about Christine? She kindly answered a few questions for us.




Do you have a nickname?

My friends call me “Tin”, while my family and relatives call me “Inday” (Filipino nickname for daughters which means “Love”), but two of my nephews call me “momhie.”


What do you like to be called?

At work, I want to be called by my name Christine.


Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I grew up in the Philippines in the province of Iloilo a.k.a. City of Love which is an hour away from Manila. I live here now in the United States with my husband and our three beautiful furbabies. We call them the Triple S (Spades, Spicy and Scooby). Spades, our Pitbull mix, is crazy with a ball, so we call him “King of the Ball.” Spicy is a German shepherd Norwegian Elkhound mix and we call her “Squirrel Patrol.” Scooby is a Beagle mix and we call her “Floppy ears or Scooby dooby.”


What do you like to do outside of work?

I like watching movies at home or watching videos of my favorite YouTube Channels. I liked to hang out with friends when I was in the Philippines. Chit chat is nonstop as well as the food. I like doing small projects at home like crocheting, gardening, or cooking.


What are your favorite movies?

All Marvel movies, Constantine, Equalizer, Transformers, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. 


What are your favorite TV shows?

I like watching cooking shows and Travel shows featuring different cuisines.


Do you have any favorite books?

I am not into reading books. I feel sleepy in the first five minutes of reading.


Who are your favorite bands or singers?

I like Bon Jovi, 2ne1 (a girl group in Korea), Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and Halsey.


 If they made a movie about you, what actor would play you?

Jennifer Lawrence; she is spontaneous and funny.


What are the favorite places you have visited?

The famous Boracay island in the Philippines, just 6 hours away from where I live. I like Niagara Falls and Mt. Washington Auto Road.


What is one place you have not visited that you want to visit most?

New Zealand, it’s because of their fascinating landscapes. I wanted to go on a Middle-earth adventure by visiting the Shire of Hobbits from the movie Lord of the Rings.


Do you have a favorite sport?

I’m not a sporty active person, but I like playing corn hole with my husband (I always win! Haha!)


What is your favorite sport to watch?

I like watching women’s volleyball and I loved watching NBA during the time of my favorite Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.


Morning person or night owl?

I am a night owl. I like to stay up late at night watching movies or playing cooking challenges on my phone.


Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars because of Hayden Christensen. He was so handsome as Anakin Skywalker.


What are your favorite foods?

My favorite foods are seafoods, especially Oysters and Crabs, Jollibee fried chicken, and the famous Philippine dish which is Lechon (roasted pig, usually served at celebrations or important events).


What is your favorite John’s Crazy Socks Staff lunch?

My favorite staff lunch was during my birthday, we had grilled and fried chicken burgers with fries.

 Christine and Chelsie at work


What is a fun fact about you that you’d like to share?

Fun fact about me is I loved watching English Horror movies when I was in the Philippines and regretted it when I got here in the United States. It is because we have a BASEMENT! Hahahaha!!!


Do you have a favorite socks at John’s Crazy Sock’s?

My favorite sock is Space Dye Fuzzy Socks. It’s the very first pair of socks I bought at John’s Crazy Socks.


What do you like most about working at John's Crazy Socks?

I like the people the most. It makes the workflow easy and fun when you are surrounded with good people.


Christine and Ron


Christine and John