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Last Minute Christmas Gifts That Will Wow People

You still need to finish your Christmas shopping and you’re running out of time. You missed the shipping deadlines, so it’s too late to order online. You don’t have the time to make another trip to the mall and can’t stand the idea of fighting the crowds anyway. Don’t despair. We can share some solutions to your last-minute Christmas shopping needs that will turn you into a gift-giving hero. 

At John’s Crazy Socks, we have last minute gift ideas you will love, but we want to share some non-sock ideas from other sites that that have worked for us in the past. After all, we write this guide to help you, not as a sales pitch. 

John and Mark of John's Crazy Socks

John’s Crazy Socks to the Rescue with Last Minute Christmas Gifts 

We can help with two offerings: 

When you give a gift for John’s Crazy Socks, you are going to get great socks (we have over 30,000 five-star reviews), but you will get so much more. Your purchase helps us employ people with differing abilities (22 of the 34 jobs we have created are held by people with differing abilities). You will help us Give Back – we pledge five percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics and many of our socks raise money for charity partners. We have now raised nearly $600,000 for our charity partners. Most of all, you will help us spread happiness. Your purchase will make a difference and make you feel great. 

Sock of the Month

The Sock of the Month Club Sock Subscription 

Give the gift of our Sock of the Month Club and the recipient will receive a pair of beautifully designed socks each month with a thank you note from John and a package of candy, so they are not just getting a pair of socks, they are getting a dose of happiness. Plus, we donate five percent from the sale of the subscription to the Special Olympics.  The recipient will love the story of John’s Crazy Socks.  And every time they wear those socks, they will think of you. They will be happy with the socks and even happier with you. 

Listen to what our customers say about our Sock of the Month Club: 

Nathan G: These socks are awesome. As a teacher, my students love my socks and they always generate productive conversations :) 

Rich B.: This was the gift that kept on giving all year!! Last Christmas, I gave a year subscription to my younger brother and he loved it! Each month, he waited anxiously to receive his sock that month, along with his note from John and special treat. I look forward to surprising him again this Christmas with another subscription. Thanks John & the whole team‼️

Cheryl K.: Perfect thickness and color. Just love ‘em!

Give a Gift Card to John’s Crazy Socks 

This is not just another gift card. Your gift recipient can use it in the world’s largest sock store – we have over 4,000 choices – to pick exactly what they want. A pet lover? We have them covered. A foodie or beer lover, we’ve got socks for them. An art lover, animal lover or math whiz, we have socks for them. 

John's Crazy Socks Gift Card

When you give that gift card, you are sharing an experience. The person will love learning about John’s Crazy Socks and choosing from the greatest selection of socks in the world and then they will get the package with their socks, the thank you note, the candy and a sticker with the picture and name of the person who picked the order. Give that gift card and you’ll be spreading happiness. 

Last Minute Gift Ideas Other than Socks that Have Worked for Us

To paraphrase Deuteronomy, we do not live on socks alone. While the gift cards and Sock of the Month subscription make great gifts, here are some other last minute gift ideas that have worked for us and may help you: 

Tickets to a Ball Game: Always a favorite in our family, you can buy tickets online for your favorite team and give them as a gift. We’ve bought Yankee tickets for our eldest, Met tickets for John as well as Islander and Knick tickets. It becomes a twice loved gift: the person has the joy of receiving the gift and then they live it again when they go to the ballgame.   

John at the Met game

Tickets to a Concert or the Theater: My kids have gotten me Wilco and Jason Isbell tickets, which I loved. On several Christmases, Santa has brought John or my wife tickets to a Broadway show. 

Dinner Out: A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant always makes for a fun and festive present. 

Cookinig class

Cooking Lessons: My bride and my middle son love to cook and are always watching cooking shows and testing new recipes. When they have received cooking lessons, they’ve loved it not only because of the learning, but the lessons turn into a fun night out. 

Fun Subscriptions: You can always send fruit from Harry and David’s or meat from Omaha Steaks, but why not a beer of the month subscription (my son loved that) or make it wine? You can get beauty subscriptions or even cookie subscriptions. You can check out 1-800 Flowers for lots of subscription offerings. Let your imagination run wild. 

Walking Tours: Our local historical society offers walking tours of our town and colonial graveyards. My wife and I took a great literary walking tour in Dublin and have given walking tours to our eldest and his wife. Virgin Experience Gifts offers a plethora of walking tour options across the U.S. 

Make It a Weekend: When our boys were younger, we gave them a Hall of Fame weekend: a trip to the Football and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame. I have given my wife a weekend in New York City: nice hotel, a museum trip during the day, theater tickets and dinner out. Think how much fun it will be to plan a trip and then to give it on Christmas morning. 

Time may be running out, but your imagination can run faster. We hope some of these suggestions make life easier for you and spark some creative Christmas gift giving.  


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