John’s Crazy Socks Introduces Teacher’s Appreciation Gift Bags

John’s Crazy Socks Introduces Teacher’s Appreciation Gift Bags

May is Teacher’s Appreciation month. Here at John’s Crazy Socks, we believe teachers should be celebrated every day, but it’s nice to take the time out to tell your favorite educator how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

John loves talking about his teachers. In fact, at his speaking engagements, John frequently gives a shout out to his teachers thanking them for all they did for him. At Huntington High School, Dr. Murphy-Jessen taught him Life Skills and Ms. Klee was his speech therapist. John said, “They inspired me. They taught me so many things that I do now in my business. And Ms. Klee taught me to speak clearly and use my little words.”

In his last year at school, John split his time by going to Wilson Tech and Ms. Campagnoni taught him Retail and Customer Service. “I worked in the school store and that got me ready for my business.” And John benefitted not only from teachers, but from his Coach Linda Roth and the aide in his class, Ms. Lupi.

“I loved my teachers,” says John. “I am so grateful for all they did to help me.”

Whether it’s a gesture of appreciation or an end of year goodbye, John’s Crazy Socks has the perfect socks and Teacher’s Appreciation Gift Bags to say you thank you to that teacher who made an impact in your life, as Dr. Murphy-Jessen did for John.


Teacher’s Appreciation Gift Bags for Women

Way better than the traditonal shiny red apple, our Teacher’s Appreciation Gift Bag includes 3 pairs of socks with an A+ in comfort and style.

Teaching is a Work of Heart - A blue and yellow socks with a beautiful apple in red.

 A+ Teacher - Powder blue and white socks with pencils and paper clips.

Teacher Pet Socks – Black socks with books, rulers, apples, and pencils.

This delightful gift bag comes with gift wrapping, hand sanitizer (a teacher’s companion), two gift cards, a personalized note, and of course, what’s a gift without a little candy?


Special Education Gift Bags for Men/Women











Special Education Teachers go beyond the classroom and act as an advocate and liaison for services that will make the child successful in life. Our Special Education Gift Bag includes 3 pairs of socks, hand sanitizer, two gift cards, a personalized note, and candy. These gift bags are available in both men’s and women’s.

Down Syndrome Crew - The men’s gift bag comes with our traditional Down Syndrome Crew Sock in blue with yellow trim, while the women’s gift bag comes purple with lilac trim. This is a very special sock inspired by our very own co-founder, John Cronin, who has Down syndrome and demonstrates what people with Down syndrome can do.

Down Syndrome Superhero for Men - Designed and created by John, himself, our Superhero Socks are for Down Syndrome Awareness. John is one of the many superheroes who, faced with life-long challenges, exceeds expectations and teaches all of us that anyone can be happy and productive in their own business and life.

Autism Crew - Our Autism Awareness Crew Socks celebrate all people on the autism spectrum. The colorful puzzle represents the many capabilities and contributions of people with autism as well as the often puzzling nature of the autism spectrum.

Reading Teacher Gift Bag for Women












Last but certainly not least is our Reading Teacher Gift Bag for women. Reading teachers make a difference in children’s reading achievement and motivation to read. Celebrate your favorite reading teacher with our Reading Teacher Gift Bag.

Loyal Book Socks – Immortalize the wisdom in Ernest Hemingway's iconic line, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

Library Card Socks - Check out these library socks in blue.

Jane Austin Socks - Pull these cozy steel blue socks on and curl up with your favorite Jane Austen novel.