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May 15, 2018

John’s Crazy Socks Expands Their Compression and Diabetic Sock Collection

John’s Crazy Socks is excited to announce that we have expanded our offering of Compression and Diabetic socks. Many of our customers have told us that they need compression and diabetic socks, and they were tired of boring socks. We’re in the business of spreading happiness so we want our compression and diabetic socks to make our customers happy. We’ve added dozens of fun, colorful socks.

Compression socks need not be boring. You’re not dull, so why be stuck wearing dull compression socks. John is all fired up. “I love our compression socks. Look at all those colors.”

What Are Compression Socks?

The Compression Socks are designed to promote blood circulation and to support your legs. We hear from nurses and teachers who are on their feet all day and find the compression socks give them more energy and support during what can be long days.

Our Compression Socks are graded in mmHG with 15-20mmHg providing only mild pressure and 20-30mmHg providing a firmer compression.

What is the Difference Between Compression and Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks are designed to protect your feet and provide maximum comfort. These socks reduce pressure in the lower leg and foot, prevent blistering on the skin surfaces, and minimize moisture accumulation. Because of feet swelling tendencies, Diabetic socks have a non-elastic feature to prevent constriction. The seamless design is to minimize friction to the nerves and minimize neurological discomfort and pain. These socks simply fit well to prevent restrictions in the calf from a tight sock line that can limit circulation. When circulation is decreased, it becomes harder for the body to heal. High blood sugar which is associated with diabetes also causes the immune system to slow down. 

At John’s Crazy Socks, our FDA-Approved knee-high compression socks come in a selection of bold, fun colors and patterns, and have an astounding variety of health benefits and can help you to:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase blood and lymph flow to the heart
  • Prevent tissue swelling
  • Prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins 
  • Reduce the risk of blood clots 

Our Diabetic socks boast an array of health benefits. They’re medically approved for people with circulatory problems, diabetes, edema, and neuropathy. They’re soft but durable, stretchy but comfortable, and can be worn all day without discomfort.

If you want to see or purchase our Compression or Diabetic socks, you can purchase them here.