20 Best Christmas Socks to Get Festive in 2022

Get ready this holiday season for some awesome crazy socks

1.Red, White, & You Socks

Have you ever seen the commercials on TV with the snuggling polar bears sharing a Coca-Cola and thought that its the cutest thing ever? Well, with our Red, White, & You Socks, we can make that come true. While wearing these socks, you will be showing people that you are in the holiday spirit.


Bought these socks for gifts and they were a hit!!!! Would definitely buy more!

2.Nutcracker Ankle Socks

Can nutcracker actually crack nuts? It's hard to say.

Can they lend some instant Christmas appeal to your outfit when you slip into these Nutcracker Ankle Socks? Absolutely!


3.Ugly Sweaters Men's Crew Socks

Ward off the cold, stay delightful when it’s frightful, pick up a pair of Ugly Sweaters Men's Crew Socks.  

Don't let the name fool you - our Ugly Sweaters Men's Crew Socks are anything but ugly! These festive socks will have you the envy of all at the holiday office party.


4.Sleigh All Day Unisex Ankle Socks

Dash into the holiday season with a festive pair of Sleigh All Day Unisex Ankle Socks.  

Love socks with words on them? Kick your feet up and let your friends and family know that just like Santa, you Sleigh All Day


5.Deck The Halls Women's Crew Socks

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly..." Sorry, now I've got the song in your head, don't I?

These socks are perfect for your office holiday party and holiday grab bag! Ward off the cold, stay delightful when it’s frightful, pick up a pair of Deck The Halls Women's Crew Socks.


6.The Grinch 360 Crew Sock

Every Who down in Whoville likes these socks a lot. Get out of the holiday spirit wearing our The Grinch 360 Crew Sock this winter season. 


7.Coronavidad Women's Crew Socks

Nothing says Feliz Navidad like a Corona bottle decorated for the holidays.  These festive Coronavidad Socks are the perfect accessory whether you are around a Christmas tree, under the mistletoe or even on a beach enjoying a cold brew!

These Coronavidad Socks are the perfect way for a beer lover to celebrate the holiday.  Remember: "It's not a season, it's a way of life."


8.Christmas Cactus Socks

These beautiful Christmas Cactus Socks feature cacti dressed in holiday style - strings of Christmas lights and Santa Hats - on a classic black background with seasonal red trim.  It's one way to celebrate the Christmas season where there is a shortage of fir trees and a plethora of prickly cactus!  Let's hope that your holiday guests aren't prickly too!

These Christmas Cactus Socks are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas even in a desert!


They definitely were a fashion statement and conversation topic. Really enjoy them

9.Winter Reindeer Men’s Crew Socks

Few things say Christmas more than reindeer!  We have these beautiful Winter Reindeer Socks so that you can celebrate the holiday season in style.  Featuring stately reindeer on the background of a starry night, these socks are sure to make you smile.  Make sure you look for Rudolph and his shiny nose!  These Winter Reindeer Socks perfectly complement any holiday outfit.


Super! Keep up the good work.

10.Christmas Lights Men's Crew Socks 

Are you too lazy to decorate your house for Christmas but still want to show people you are in the Christmas spirit?

Well, our Christmas Lights Socks are the perfect way to show off the Christmas spirit. Wear the Christmas Lights Socks while decorating the tree or just relaxing with some "spirits" of the season in front of a fire!


I usually buy Christmas hats for our family, this year I decided to change to Christmas Socks. Beautiful well made socks, they are comfy, bright and will be enjoyed by our family for many years. Blessings and wish’s for a Merry Christmas

11.Stocking Pupper Women's Knee High Socks 

What is the one gift you always wanted under the Christmas tree? An adorable puppy? You might not have got a puppy for Christmas, but you can still enjoy these adorable puppy themed socks. 

These Stocking Pupper Knee High Socks will make you smile every time you put them on! This yellow labrador retriever is too cute!

12.Bah Humbug Youth Crew Socks 

Don't be an Ebenezer Scrooge sheep! Don't say "Bah Humbug!" to everything - spread some holiday cheer with these hilarious holiday-themed socks!

These Bah Humbug Crew Socks will bring a smile to any kid's face - for the little jokester in your life, watch them light up with a mischievous grin when they wear these socks and say, "Get it? BAHHH Humbug?


13.Santa Knows Socks for Men

The all-knowing Santa Claus "knows when you've been drinking and knows when you are baked" so don't bother trying to hide those cocktails!  These festive Santa Knows Socks have a seasonal red and green trim and are festooned with holiday treats - alcoholic and otherwise!


14.Beary Christmas Men's Crew Sock

If you're a man that's one with nature, pick up a pair of Beary Christmas Men's Crew Socks. The majestic bear ambles along amongst Christmas trees. Imagine you're at a snowy cabin, gazing at this beautiful sight.

A pair of these cool Beary Christmas Men's Crew Socks will certainly give any wardrobe an instant upgrade.


15.Happy Pawlidays Women's Crew Socks

Who doesn't love dogs, or Santa Claus?  The person in your life who loves the holidays AND pups will be thrilled about these Happy Pawlidays Women's Crew Socks.


16.Merry Crustmas Women's Crew Socks 

If you love pizza and Christmas, you will love these Merry Crustmas Crew Socks

This is the real deal: cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. Look at the socks and you can almost smell the pizza. You’ll start to get hungry; in fact, I think I’ll order a pie for dinner. Spread holiday cheer with these delicious Merry Crustmas socks!


17.Cardinal Women's Knee High Socks

Cardinals hold a special place in many lives. Take your seasonal bird style up by adding these beautiful socks to your collection. 

The Cardinal Women's Knee High Socks are a beautiful addition to your winter wardrobe!


18.Classic Coke Santa Socks - Men’s Crew Socks 

These classic socks depict Santa checking his list [and checking it twice] in front of a roaring fireplace while enjoying a well-known carbonated beverage! These Classic Coke Santa Socks let you celebrate the holiday season in style.  You just know that Santa can't wait to drink the coke sitting on the mantel as soon as his work is done!


19.Let It Snow Blue Women's Crew Socks

“These Let It Snow Socks are a masterpiece of frost of and fancy,” said one of Santa’s Little Helpers, stirring a vat of hot eggnog. Ward off the cold, stay delightful when it’s frightful, pick up a pair of Let It Snow Socks! Let it snow, let it snow, Let It Snow Socks!


20.Christmas Spirit Men's Crew Socks

Brighten up winter in our Christmas Spirit Men's Crew Socks.

Your feet will thank you for keeping them warm and toasty all winter season in these cozy socks. Be sure to wear these socks while stringing up your holiday lights.

These vintage style socks say, "Christmas! I've Got Your Spirit Right Here!"