36 Last Minute Holiday Gifts Under $15 For Women

Shop for Last Minute Gifts for the holidays from John's Crazy Socks!



1.Purrfectly Persian Women's Ankle Socks $6.99

These persian cat socks are only one of many ways you can show your love for this perfect cat. Show your adoration for your furry best friend when you rock these ankle socks! 


2.It's Time For Wine Ankle Socks $8.99

Everyone has experienced it: a long day that keeps getting longer, your boss surprises you with a new project that has a close deadline or maybe it’s a co-worker’s last day. In any event, the perfect solution to the nine-to-five woes is to head out for a few drinks with your work buddies and just decompress (or perhaps celebrate).

3.Love An Easy Challenge Women's Crew Sock $7.99

Life is about accepting the challenges along the way and choosing to keep moving forward.   Wear our Love An Easy Challenge Women's Crew Socks to remind you there is nothing you can't handle. 

4.For Fox Sake Women's Ankle Socks $6.99

These adorable fox socks make me smile.

Wait...that rhymes! Fox socks! Now you've got a built in joke every time you wear them! 

5.Wine Sponge $6.99

Have fun washing your dishes with this fun Wine Sponge!

Each sponge has a scrubber backing for hard to wash messes! This is a great gift for the wine lover or as an add on hostess gift! 

6.Bejeweled Women's Crew Socks $9.99

Bright and lovely, the Bejeweled Women's Crew Socks will instantly brighten up you mood.  Jewels shouldn't just accessorize your crown and neck - you are fabulous from head to toe and these socks let everyone know it!

7.Plant Mom Ankle Socks $8.99

These glow in the dark Plant Mom Ankle Socks are the perfect funny gift for your favorite plant mom!

8.All Over Pink Ribbon Women's Ankle Socks $8.99

These All Over Pink Ribbon Women's Ankle Socks are not only beautiful, but also make a statement that you want to raise awareness for breast cancer. 

If you are a breast cancer survivor or just love one, you will want to wear a pair of these socks in solidarity with others who have fought this dreaded disease.

9.Potted Cactus Women's Crew Socks $9.99

Unlike real cacti, these socks won't poke and tickle your feet.  Introducing the Potted Cactus Women's Crew Socks.  Adorned with various beautiful cacti throughout these low-cut socks, the Potted Cactus Women's Crew Socks will not disappoint any fan of this alluring plant. Just as a cacti’s sharp spines and thick skin protect the cactus, these socks will surely take care of your feet. Get your pair of Potted Cactus Women's Crew Socks  today!

10.Love Potion Women's Crew Socks $9.99

Love Potion Women's Crew Socks for those times when love knocks you completely off your feet.  So much so you will think its a love potion! Perfect for Valentine's Day or just reminding someone special how much you care.


11.You're Beautiful Zipper Pouch $9.99

Our smaller accessory pouches can be used for more discrete storage. With a unique and versatile design, they are just the right size for grab and go. 

Perfect for holding accessories, makeup, and odds and ends to keep you organized!

Get up and go with our durable zipper closure You're Beautiful Zipper Pouch.  

"You're Beautiful, Don't Change" is printed on the side of the pouch.


12.Napa Valley Women's Crew Sock $9.99

The sun is setting over the vineyard and it's time to wind down from a hard day with a large glass of wine.  Our Napa Valley Women's Crew Socks are the perfect accompaniment to the sunset and that glass of wine.  

13.Pink Gardens Liner $9.99

Simple and beautiful. Introducing Pink Gardens Liner.  These liner socks are great for the warmer spring and summer months and perfect inside your low-cut shoes. The perfect low-cut sock for anyone who likes to keep their sock game on the down-low.

14.Half Hearts Socks Women's Crew Sock $9.99

Valentine's Day calls for Half Hearts Socks. These stylish and sophisticated socks pair great with any outfit.  Wear these hearts on your feet with our Half Hearts Socks! 

15.Soup-er Supportive Women's Crew Socks $9.99

We will surprise you again, our food socks are unmatched! Or maybe you are more of a ramen head? Either way we are here to support and encourage you!

16.The Leftovers Club Small Tote Bag $12.99

Looking for an sustainable and reusable bag for bringing your lunch?

Or do you want to turn heads with a good-looking tote bag while you run around town doing your errands?

Look no further! Our amazing and funny The Leftovers Club Small Tote Bag is durable, sassy, and the perfect tote bag size to carry around all of your stuff!

17.One Pair Cozy Fuzzy Socks $3.99

This is it - one of our best selling items all year! Our cozy and fuzzy socks are the BEST!

You will receive one pair of fuzzy socks, and John will choose the color!

18.Life Is A Mix Tape Sticker $2.99

It sums up life. It’s the mixtape.  It covers a wide range of life that touches on Music, Obsessions, Fashion, and  my ever changing Opinions.

19.Fuzzy Cheetah Print Women's Crew Sock $4.99

The feel of these Fuzzy Cheetah Print Women's Crew Socks is so incredible that you will never want to take them off your feet!  

This sticker is perfect to post on your laptop, skateboard, notebooks, and any flat surface!


20.Smiley Sponge $6.99

Have fun washing your dishes with this cute Smiley Sponge!

Each sponge has a scrubber backing for hard to wash messes. This is a great gift!

21.Women's Active No Show Socks $3.99

Love to exercise? You need a good pair of socks. Active Low Cut Socks are the everyday sock for active people and athletes. Perfect for your morning run or just walking around town.

22.Floral 10 Pack Women's Low Cut Socks $9.99

Spring has sprung so let your feet show it with this cheery and bright 10 pack of low cut socks. Perfect for everyday wear!


23.Reeses Pieces Women's Crew Sock $12.99

These Reese's Pieces Crew Socks look good enough to eat! If you are a true Reese's Pieces fan, you need these socks! Just try not to eat your feet!


24.Greetings From Lake Wine Dish Towel $8.99

Our Greetings From Lake Wine Dish Towels are sure to leave your kitchen and dishes sparkling clean.  

You're a master in the kitchen and your excellent dishes showcase just that.  You just need to add a dash of this, a little bit of that, and Voilà!!

For the true wine lover, these dish towels say "Greetings from Lake Wine" with a vintage looking graphic.

25.Apples Women's Crew Socks $9.99

Distinctive colorful apple pattern knit to savor in all the joy. Skip around in the comfort of these fruitful novelty socks.

26.Bad Sandy Grease Women's Crew Socks $12.99

Everyone agrees - the final scene in Grease is the best! When Sandy walks out with her new look and dances to "You're The One That I Want" with Danny, we all can't help but sing along! These Olivia Newton John socks are a great way to remember what an iconic actress she was!

Get these Bad Sandy Crew Socks for your favorite Olivia Newton John fan today!

27.Chicken Women's Crew Socks $11.99

These cute chicken socks for women feature some of our favorite fowl: hens and their baby chicks! Birds strut and peck between white picket fences on a light blue background for a sock that is perfect for farmers, friends and mother hens. 


28.Just Married Ankle Socks $8.99

These socks are the perfect gift for that socks lover in your life. These wedding themed ankle socks come in color and feature the words "Just Married" printed on the socks. A pair of these cool wedding novelty socks will certainly give any wardrobe an instant upgrade.

29.Fruit Women's 2 Pair Liners $10.99

Stay stylish in your ballet flats and slip-on shoes with these Fruit Women's 2 Pair Liners Socks

Add some fruity fun with these two pack liners to make your outfit all the more sweeter. 

30.Coffee Women's No Show 3 Pack $12.99

What a way to start your day--a cup of java and pair of coffee socks. You can enjoy your coffee all day in our latte, coffee, and to-go cups socks!

31.California Poppy Women's Crew Socks $11.99

When you're from California, the native poppy is just part of the landscape, growing along highways and sidewalks, anywhere they can find a little spare soil. But these bold orange blooms really shine when they completely cover fields and valleys with color like they do in Antelope Valley. If you can't make it to California state to see them in person, these California poppy socks for women might be the next best thing


32.Woodland Animal Coloring Socks $9.99

With Woodland Animal Coloring Socks you are now the sock designer!

These animal loving socks come with one pair of Color In Socks and four permanent fabric markers! Coloring books are great, but they're hard to show off. With Woodland Animal Color In Socks you can make sure everyone knows how awesome your coloring skills are

33.You're Beautiful Coin Purse $7.99

Hold your coins, cash, ID card and more with this cool You're Beautiful Coin Purse.



34.Kiss Emoji Women's Crew Sock $9.99

These Kiss Emoji Women's Crew Socks are perfect for you.  😘 Playful and fun, these Kiss Emoji Women's Crew Socks are a great gift for yourself or for the lips you cannot wait to kiss. Whether they’re a token of love or just for fun, they’re sure to be a hit. 


35.Poop Emoji Women's Crew Socks $9.99

Do you find all emojis fun?  Especially those that celebrate bodily functions?  Then these Poop Emoji Women's Crew Socks are perfect for you! 

The smiling poop emoji decorates this black and [of course] brown sock.

These are designed exclusively by John's Crazy Socks!


36.Bee My Honey Women's Crew Socks $11.99

Bee My Honey Socks are the perfect gift for that bee loving, crazy socks lover in your life.