10 Patriotic Gifts for Men | Crazy Socks

Looking for socks that scream red, white, and blue? We have 1,000s of different socks on our website, so we gathered some of our favorite Patriotic socks that make great gifts for any man in your life.

1. John's Patriotic Firework Unisex Crew SocksReady to show you're a proud American? Created by John, this Patriotic Firework Crew Sock is a fun addition to any sock collection.

2.Unity Flag Unisex Crew Sock 

Designed by John with American flags spread across a field of blue, we created these Unity Socks to symbolize the unity and inclusion that binds all Americans. As John said, “Let’s do something to bring people together and make them happy.”

3.Red, White & Blue Popsicle Crew Sock

Put on an awesome pair of Red, White & Blue Popsicle Crew Socks and go relax outside in the hot summer sun.

This sock brings back memories of chasing after the ice cream truck on a summer day. Best part of these socks is that they won't melt away in the summer sun!

These are perfect for your 4th of July BBQ! 

4.The Banner Men's Crew

Red, white, blue, and tie-dye, too. Americana inspired, we made these with mid-cushion padding for all-day comfort plus our incredible Infiknit™ construction to make sure these socks are still standing at the twilight's last gleaming — and then some.

5.All American Dad Men's Crew Sock

BBQ, Beer, Baseball, and Football - the All American Dad Men's Crew Socks starter pack.  Just in time for Summer and Father's Day.  Gift them to your first love...Dad. 

6.Honor Respect Remember Unisex Crew Socks

Honor, Respect, and Remember those who have served our country - our veterans.

These are a beautiful way to pay tribute to those who have fought so bravely for our freedom.

7.USA Mismatched Flag Socks

If you could wear a flag poncho to work, you would, but you can't, so you wear Flag Socks instead. With one foot stars and one foot stripes, these Flag Socks are just a little different from your average patriotic foot flair. They're mismatched in a way that matches perfectly, just like the good ol' U.S. of A. 

8.American Flag Socks Men's Crew Sock Show your pride in America with these great socks. 

There are few colors that go together as well as red, white, and blue, so pay tribute to the United States and good fashion simultaneously with these American Flag Socks. The beloved stars and stripes have been a staple of American culture since the flag's inception in 1777, and since then, it has been updated 26 times to reflect new states.

9.USA Music Men's Crew Socks

Three cheers to anyone who loves the USA and Music.  Rock out at home or at a concert with these USA Music Socks.

10.Tattoo Eagle Men's Crew Socks

These beautiful Tattoo Eagle Men's Crew Socks will have your smile shining from sea to shining sea! From New York down to Houston your socks will positively be the talk of patriots everywhere. This will, of course, give you plenty of chances to test out a few patriotic jokes:

Who was the most honest president? No, not George Washington, it is Abraham Lincoln because he was in-a-cent(He is on the Penny. Get it?)

How many stars does America have on yelp? Fifty out of five.