John Cronin - June 2023

Our Chief Happiness Officer Is Trekking Across The Pacific Northwest

John Here...

JI am writing this note from Portland, Oregon. My Dad and I are speaking at two events in Oregon and Washington State.

I am excited because this is my first time in these states and that means I have now visited 38 states. I want to see all fifty states.I love doing speaking engagements.

Last week, I spoke at a high school graduation. I have spoken in front of 5,000 people at a Microsoft business meeting and travelled all across the country speaking at colleges, companies and conferences. I love it.

We tell people how Down syndrome never holds me back and when I could not find a good job, I created my own business, John’s Crazy Socks.We show what my colleagues with differing abilities can do and share how giving jobs to people with differing abilities is good business.

Most of all, we spread happiness every time we give a speech. I hope you have a good weekend and I hope you love the socks. John

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