John Cronin - September 2023

Phoenix AZ: Help Hire People with Differing Abilities

kohls and Johns Crazy Socks

John here. I hope you are looking forward to a great Labor Day weekend 

I just got back from some speaking engagements in Phoenix, Arizona and it was hot. The temperature was over 110 degrees. I have never felt anything like it. 

I want to thank Arizona SHRM, GiGi’s Playhouse and the Down Syndrome Network of Arizona for inviting us to speak. We met many great people and some want us to come back and speak with their organizations. We also met people from the Maricopa County government and are helping them hire people with differing abilities.  

My Dad told me how Labor Day got started. That makes me want to thank all of my colleagues for the great work they do. My colleagues are the ones who make John’s Crazy Socks go. They do incredible work and I am so grateful for the work they do.  

I hope you have a fun weekend. And thank you go buying our socks. You make it possible to give jobs to  my colleagues and to do the work we do.