John Cronin - June 2023

Ignite Your 4th of July a Sock Design Challenge!

John Here...

JJohn here. I am back home after my travels to Oregon and Washington. We spoke at two events and met a lot of great people at Gigi’s Playhouse in Portland, the ALSO Group and Life Works in Longview, Washington.

I finished up a fun week. We kicked off our Sock Design Contest. I hope you enter and send us your dream designs.

I met with Assemblyman Steve Stern to talk about legislation helping people with differing abilities. I made a bunch of home deliveries. I did a few podcasts interviews with my Dad and those were fun. You can listen to these interviews at our website.

Now, I am getting ready for the Fourth of July. We’ll have a cookout and watch fireworks and go for some hikes. I like being under cool trees more than going to the beach.

My Dad will read the Declaration of Independence to me like he does every Fourth of July.

I love it when my Dad reads to me. I hope you have a fun Fourth of July and a great summer. John