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Taken Crew Sock

Size: Women's
Color: Red

Taken Crew Socks

If you’re taken, slip your feet into these relationship socks and make the message clear. Perfect for your girlfriend who gets DM’s from too many random guys, or that boyfriend that can’t leave the house without confronting a dozen wandering eyes. 

Back Off - I'm Taken is printed on both socks.

Founded in San Clemente, California by legendary entrepreneur/personality Rob Dyrdek and Stance Co-Founder Taylor Shupe, BooSocki® socks are made from high-quality yarn and produced in the most eco and socially responsible knit factory in the world, FutureStitch.

Style: Crew Sock
Fiber Content: 55% combed cotton, 24% polyester, 17% nylon, 4% elastane
  • Fits most women shoe sizes 7.5 - 12
  • Fits most men shoe sizes 6 - 11
Sock Maker: Boosocki 
Country of Origin: Imported


Taken Crew Sock