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Summer Cooler Shortie Socks - No Show Socks for Women

Summer Cooler Shortie Socks

Picture this, you're laying outside in the hot sun on a reclined chair, sunglasses. What's missing? a pair of Summer Cooler Shortie Socks.  

These summer time socks feature a cool drink in a mason jar with a striped straw, the exact way a summer time drink should be served! And now you can enjoy a summer cooler in your Summer Cooler Shortie Socks!

So what you need to do is get yourself a pair of and make yourself a nice Watermelon Cooler!

All you need are a few ingrediants:

  • 3 cups coarsely chopped seeded watermelon
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup lightly packed fresh mint leaves
  • 2 cups white grape juice
  • 1 teaspoon finely shredded lime peel
  • 3/4 cup fresh lime juice, chilled
  • 32 ounce (4 cups) club soda, chilled

So here is how to make it! In a large bowl combine sugar and mint. Using the back of a wooden spoon, lightly crush mint by pressing it against the side of the bowl. Add grape juice, lime peel, lime juice, and watermelon puree, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Stir in club soda. Serve in glasses over ice. If desired, garnish with mint sprigs and watermelon wedges or balls. Serve immediately. Makes 9 servings.

Style: Shortie [No Show Socks]
Size: Sock size 9-11 will fit a women's shoe size 5-10.5
Sock Maker: SockSmith
 63% Cotton, 34% Nylon, 3% Spandex
Country of Origin: Korea

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