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Space Cadet Socks - Crew Socks for Women

Space Cadet Socks

You thought your friend was making a Star Trek reference when she gave you these Space Cadet Socks but as you space out staring at a nearby dog on your coffee date, you realize she might have meant something a little different. Since then, you’ve come to embrace the label on yourSpace Cadet Socks. Sometimes your daydreams do, in fact, revolve around outer space and what it would be like to be a real space cadet who cruised between the planets and viewed Earth from afar. Your friends argue that you already view Earth from afar—you’re out of this world in more ways than one. Embrace your absent-minded charm and keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds in ourSpace Cadet Socks. Be sure to remind those friends that some of history’s greatest geniuses were called absent-minded at one point or another (and that, perhaps, if you kept more interesting company, your brilliant brain would stay in the room).

Note: "Space Cadet" appears on only the right hand side of both socks.

Style: Crew
Size: Will fit a women's shoe size 5-10
Sock Maker: BlueQ (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)
Materials: 57% Combed Cotton; 41% Nylon; 2% Spandex
Country of Origin: China