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Rubber Ducks Socks - Unisex Crew Socks

Rubber Ducks Socks

What fun to wear these quirky Rubber Ducks Socks. You can regress and daydream about your childhood bathtub adventures with your Rubber Ducks or, if you still have those ducks in your tub, daydream about your morning bath!

These Rubber Ducks Socks are unisex so both men and women can be playful. Make a fashion statement at a summer barbecue or relaxing at the pool. These Rubber Ducks Socks are perfect for helping you relax. So grab a pair of our Rubber Ducks Socks and enjoy.

These socks come from Living Royal and are made right here in the USA.

Size: Unisex - Women with shoe sizes 4 through 12. Men with shoe sizes 6 - 13.
Sock Maker: Living Royal (Wheeling, Illinois)
Materials: 100% polyester
Country of Origin: USA

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