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Maid of Honor Socks - Knee High Socks for Women

Product Description

Maid of Honor Knee High Socks

All credit is owed to you, Ms. Maid of Honor and you deserve these luxurious and beautiful Maid of Honor Knee High Socks. The bride is pampered and you do the pampering. The bride gets to say and do what she wants and she says and does it to you. You love her anyway, you know it’s the stress of the wedding, but don’t you deserve a break? Yes, yes you do.

You should wear the Maid of Honor Knee High Socks as a reward, a sign of all you have done. (Let’s hope the Bride has known enough to give them to you as a token of her appreciation). Feel the cotton and the snug fit. See the pink and the white lettering that declare you are the Maid of Honor and honored you should be. Let the metallic trim dazzle just as you dazzle for all that can see.

The Maid of Honor Knee High Socks come from the House of Gumball Poodle and are made right here in the U.S. of A.

Style: Knee High
Size: Fits most shoe sizes
Sock Maker: Gumball Poodle
Materials: 69% Cotton, 29% Nylon 2% Spandex

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