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I've Got Big Plans Socks - Ankle Socks for Women

I've Got Big Plans Socks

I’ve Got Big Plans.  My mantra on my hard days.  I repeat it over and over again under my breath before tests and interviews and long days.  It keeps me going.  It helps me accomplish goals. 

Life often seems like one giant obstacle course and you can’t remember signing up for it.  When you feel like you’re out of the woods- you hit another wall.  But keep telling yourself - I’ve Got Big Plans.  And planners can’t be stopped by just any little challenge!  Because plans need to be followed!  Goals need to be reached!  You are a champion even if you don’t always feel like it! And you need to remember that!   

Everyone has that lucky charm- be it the shirt you wear when you have a test or the rabbit’s foot you carry everywhere with you.  These things help you remember that you can do anything!  Why not make your lucky charm a constant reminder of what you’re working for.  Look down at your feet and take a few deep breaths.  You’ve Got Big Plans.  Now go out and make them happen!

Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10.
Sock Maker: Blue Q (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)
Materials: 54% Combed Cotton, 43% Nylon, 3% Spandex
Country of Origin: China