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Hellraiser Socks - Ankle Socks for Women

Product Description

Hellraiser Ankle Sock

Show your true colors in our terrifyingly adorable Hellraiser Socks.

Were you born with a silver spike in your mouth? Was your diaper fastened with saliva of the devil himself? Were your pigtails tied atop your head using tethers? Did your bedtime stories involve the overthrow of the current regime? Perhaps your baby bonnet was knitted using chainmail?

If so, well, you may be a little too rebellious for our Hellraiser Socks, which depict a sweet little girl, carefree and darling, riding her adorable red bicycle, wind in her hair, down the flower-covered street. But look carefully in her eyes, folks; there’s a glimmer of dissidence. She’s the ultimate mix of heavenly and hellraiser. 

Show that you’re charming yet a non-conformist, angelic yet a renegade, tender-hearted yet a heretic by strapping on a pair of our delightful Hellraiser Socks. Let your dichotomy shine through.

Style: Ankle
Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10.
Sock Maker: Blue Q
Materials: 50% combed cotton, 47% nylon, 2% spandex.

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