Spreading Happiness through Socks

Gay Socks - Unisex Crew Socks

Product Description

Gay Socks

We’re psyched to offer these Gay Socks. We’re all about spreading happiness through socks and what could bring more happiness than these Gay Socks with the full rainbow.

Life is often quite simple: let’s support choice, embrace diversity and celebrate life together. We offer socks of all types, styles and colors. No one sock is for everyone and not everyone will like all the socks we offer. It is all about differences and we celebrate those differences. So we offer these Gay Socks and hope to sell a million until, as if in a dream, there are millions of people walking down Broadway showing off their Gay Socks with nothing but love in the air.  

John is our inspiration and he sets a great example. He accepts people for who they are and wants them to be happy. We can only hope that our socks make people happy.

Style: Crew
Size: Unisex, of course, and fits most people.
Sock Maker: Gumball Poodle
Materials: 69% Cotton, 29% Nylon 2% Spandex

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