Where Does John's Crazy Socks Get Its Socks?

GlobeWe search the world to find socks you will love. So we visit stores, boutiques, craft shops, online catalogs, vendor marts and more. We are building our collection. We will try new sock ideas and see if you like them.

What If I Know of a Special Sock Maker?

If there is a brand you want us to carry or someone you know who makes socks that you think are great, please let us know and we will see if we can add them to our store. Email us the information about the socks or the sock maker at service@JohnsCrazySocks.com.

What If I Want You to Carry Our Socks?

If you sell or make socks that our customers would love, we want to carry them. Please send us an email with the information to service@JohnsCrazySocks.com.