Meet The Staff

Meet the Staff
Get a look at the fine citizens who make as amazing as it is! Below are some photos of us and a few interesting facts about our crazy staff


John Lee Cronin -  Co-Founder / Chief Happiness Officer

  • Favorite Socks: He doesn't have a favorite he loves too many 
  • Favorite food: No broccoli. John love shakes 

  • His one wish would be: To go to Disney with Linda

Mark X. Cronin - Co-founder & President

  •  Favorite Sock: Down Syndrome Super Hero
  • Favorite Singer: Bob Dylan (he should come visit us in the office)

  • Favorite TV Show: Silicon Valley



Miranda - Sock Wrangler

  • Favorite Socks: Purrmaids
  • Favorite Band: Black veil Brides
  • Fun Fact: Miranda is a good baker
  • A Genie Grants you one wish.What do you wish for? Nothing she doesn’t mess with genies


Riley - Sock Wrangler

  • Favorite Socks: Pop Art Pitbull

  • If you were a superhero what would your power be: Laser Eyes

  • Best Sports Team (in His Opinion): The Yankees


Matt -Sock Wrangler


  •  Favorite Socks: Raptor Sock 
  • Favorite Music: His music changes on his mood 
  • A Genie Grants you one wish. What do you wish for? A pet seal

Liam -Sock Supporter

    •  Favorite Sock: Rugrats Socks
    • Big Fan of Luigi’s Haunted Mansion video game.

    • Liam can do a great Darth Vader impression.


    Andrew - Sock Supporter

    • Favorite Sock:  Back To The Future
    • Favorite show: Pimp my ride

    • A genie grants you one wish. What do you wish for? A moustache for the ladies

     Brandon - Sock Wrangler

      • Favorite Sock:  Breast Cancer Sock
      • Favorite Superhero: Superman
      • Favorite food: Hamburger

      Thomas - Sock Wrangler

      • Favorite Socks: Super Hero
      • Is a huge music fan of: B*Witched and Spice Girls
      • Would love to travel to Florida

       Leah - Sock Wrangler


      • Favorite Socks: Crazy for Daisies
      • Her all time favorite TV show: Dance Mom
      • Is a master at playing Dominos 

       Gary - Sock Wrangler

      • Favorite Sock: Baseball
      • Mets Or Yankees? Mets fan All the way
      • Gary is a sports fanatic and loves Sports TV Shows

      Brett - Sock Wrangler

        Elissa - Sock Wrangler

        • Favorite Sock: London or  Rome
        • Best Musical Artist: Doobie Brothers
        • Elissa Knows Sign Language

        Aliya - Sock Wrangler 


        • Favorite Socks Star Of David Socks
        • If you could bring one book to a desert island what would it be? Divergent Series or Ready Player One
        • Best Video Game: Kingdom Hearts

        William - Sock Wrangler

        Janine - Happiness Packer

        • Favorite Socks: Fox in Socks
        • Janine is a Yoga Instructor
        • Favorite TV Shows: The office, Parks & Rec or Shameless 


        Genine - Happiness Packer  

        Jeffrey - Lord of the Socks

        • Favorite socks: IDK too many
        • Favorite Food: RAMEN
        • If you could have one Superpower: Invisibility

        Jason - Happiness Creator

        • Favorite Socks: Jaws Socks
        • Current Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
        • Favorite Video Game: Bioshock

         Marie - Happiness Creator

        • Favorite sock: Beesor Grilled Cheese
        • Marie Loves: Reading any James Patterson book
        • Favorite Movie: The Bee Movie or Notting Hill

        Patti - Operation Sock Supporter

          • Favorite sock: Art Collection
          • Favorite Tv Show: Happy Days (all time) Undercover boss (now)
          • Favorite Food: Enchiladas with Margaritas

          Linda - Happiness Creator / Sock Imagineer

            • Favorite sock: Wish upon a Star Knee High
            • Unique Skill: Shopping
            • Linda would love to: Live in Walt Disney’s castle and get paid to work there happily ever after

            Maria - Community Organizer

            • Favorite socks: Very Hungry Caterpillar
            • Why do you like working here: Before she worked here her socks came in two flavors: black & navy. Now her sock drawer is much more colorful, and her feet are crazy. But really, it's about the people at John's Crazy Socks.
            • Favorite Sports: More of a Broadway Fan

            Nick - Digital Overlord AKA Webmaster

              • Favorite socks: Piano Socks

              • Favorite video game: CS: Go

              • Nick’s Secret talent is that he is a piano player

               Kimberly - Marketing Wizard

              • Favorite Socks: Fight like a girl
              • Favorite Book: American Psycho
              • Favorite Video Game: Ghouls n’ Ghosts

              Kristie - Marketing Wizard