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Buddy Walk® Fundraising Program

Working with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), we have created a fundraising program to support Buddy Walks®. This fundraising initiative offers an easy and effective way for Buddy Walks® to raise money and add to the fun and festivities of your event.  

John and the NYC Buddy Walk

Put the power and fun of John's Crazy Socks behind your fundraising efforts. Started by an entrepreneur who happens to have Down Syndrome, every day, John shows the world what people with Down syndrome can do. Let’s spread some happiness together.

Download our Brochure here   
Download a Detailed Program Description here


The mechanics of this program are simple: We give you a code for use in our store. You give it to your supporters. When your supporters use the code, they get a free pair of socks and you receive 10 percent from all purchases they make. Neat and easy.

There is no upfront cost. There is no risk. There is no stock to manage. John's Crazy Socks handles all the processing. And we will help promote your Buddy Walk®.

This is the ideal fundraising program during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that most Buddy Walks® have moved online. This fundraising program also operates online, so it is touchless and safe. And it lets people celebrate and connect by wearing crazy socks.

Interested? Call us at 631-760-5625 or send an email to: buddywalk@johnscrazysocks.com  

How the Buddy Walk® Fundraising Program Works 

There are four easy steps:

  • We provide the you with a Buddy Walk® Code, a special discount code.
  • You ask your walkers and supporters to use that code when making a purchase at the John's Crazy Socks online store.
  • Each customer using the Buddy Walk® Code receives a free gift with his or her order.
  • You receive 10 percent of net sales from those orders. 

We will provide weekly updates on the progress of the fundraising program and at the end provide a report on orders and sales and deliver a donation equal to 10 percent of net sales using the Charity Code. 

A Free Gift for the Non-Profits' Supporters

We provide each customer who uses the Buddy Walk® Code a free gift. It will

Free Gift

be a Mystery Sock. The free gift will be automatically added to the customer’s shopping cart upon entering the code. 

What John's Crazy Socks Offers to Support the Charity Fundraising Program 

We want to make this program easy for you to run and be effective: we want you to achieve your financial and programmatic goals. We want to celebrate and support your Buddy Walk®. We will provide you with the following:

  1. A Comprehensive Marketing Guide
  2. A video from John promoting your Buddy Walk®
  3. Inclusion in our email to our customers
  4. Promotion of your Buddy Walk® on our Facebook Live Show “Spreading Happiness with John and Mark”

In addition to that support, we will also provide you with these materials:

  1. A Weekly Marketing Calendar Template
  2. Press Release Template
  3. Flyer Template
  4. A one page guide to creating an email campaign 
  5. Facebook Templates
  6. Instagram Templates
  7. John’s Crazy Socks Logos for your use in the campaign
  8. Photos from John’s Crazy Socks for your use in the campaign
  9. A video from John explaining the program
  10. A video from John promoting your fundraising program

Want to put the Buddy Walk® Fundraising Program to work for you? Call us at 631-760-5625 or send an email to: BuddyWalk@johnscrazysocks.com.

Download our Brochure here   
Download a Detailed Program Description here


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