Trick Or Treat 15 Halloween Socks For 2022

Looking for Halloween socks at great prices? These unique socks will make everyone say Happy Halloween all October long. Calling all witches who need some scary good socks to complete their costume. We offer same-day shipping. The most excellent selection of Halloween crazy socks.

1. For the Halloween Bird Lover: Curious Crow Knee High Socks

These stylish knee-high Curious Crow Socks look great with a pair of black heels or fabulous with a neat boot or bootie.  Show off your legs, show off your style, show off your love of these curious creatures with these cool socks!

Review: I Love Crows ! I Love these socks! Very comfortable and well made. Can't wait to buy more!

2. For the Skeleton Lover X Ray Unisex Compression Knee High Sock

Finally some compression socks with style! The X Ray Unisex Compression Knee High Sock proves there's no reason support can't be fun! Compression socks helps promote better circulation for diminished leg swelling.  

Review: The owner is so happy she's been running around making others happy about her gift

3. For The Spider Queen or King  Caught in Your Web Knee High Socks

Love spooky things? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Yep, me too!

Be sure not to get caught in this web. This spider-themed knee-high sock features black widow spiders and the words "be mine."


Awesome socks and easy to order. Love Johns Crazy Socks and the personal touch. I’ll be ordering many more.

4.For The Halloween Reader Nevermore Socks

If you walk around quoting Edgar Allen Poe or just his raven, then you'll love these Nevermore Socks. A gorgeous shade of brown as the background with a raven on top of a skull on top of two books.  Wonderful imagery for any book lover or poet.  


I love the socks, they were great gifts and lovely to wear. 2 of the pairs were initially out of stock and I was refunded the money, but then the socks were sent anyway with a bonus pair. That was the best surprise ever ! Thank you all so much!

5. For Kitten Lovers Black Cat Socks

We interrupt your description for Black Cat Socks with a reading from Edgar Allen Toe's The Black Cat Socks.

Hit the “Add To Cart” button and wall up the Black Cat Socks within your shoes of choice!”


I got these as a gift for my best friend before we go to college. She loves cats, typically wears all black and usually her brother or dad's socks when she can't find her own...this was absolutely perfect for her and shewas so excited for her first pair of Johns crazy socks!

6.For the Vintage lover Very Spooky Creatures Men's Crew Sock

Check out our Very Spooky Creatures Men's Crew Socks for the ultimate Halloween iconic sock!

Your feet are trapped in your shoes all day. Why not give them something fun and festive to look at with these super cool crew socks?


7. For the Autumn lover  Fall Leaves Women's Crew Sock

Don't just kick the autumn leaves with your shoes, wear these leaves inside your shoes as well!  This Fall Leaves Crew Socks for Women are beautiful socks to celebrate one of the amazing beauties of the season - the changing colors of the tree leaves.  

The classic black background of the Fall Leaves Crew Socks for Women have leaves of many colors scattered throughout.  Perfect anytime and especially a crisp Fall day!


These are great! I love to wear soft socks that keep my feet warm and these fit the bill! Fit great! They fit in with all my Halloween and Thanksgiving socks!

8. For the Halloween Fanatic I Heart Halloween Women's Crew Sock

From now on, nights become longer, darker and colder. Brrr....

Our I Heart Halloween Women's Crew Socks are for the one who feels at home during this spooky fall season. 

These are great for anyone looking to show off their love for this fun holiday. Smiling jack o' lanterns surrounded by cheery Fall flowers.


9.For the Jack-O-Lantern Fan Pumpkin Carving Men's Crew Sock

Check out our Pumpkin Carving Men's Crew Socksfor the ultimate icon of Halloween - the Jack O Lantern!

Your feet are trapped in your shoes all day. Why not give them something fun and festive to look at with these super coolsocks?

Review: Great socks!!


10.For the Pumpkin Lover Jack O' All  Trades Men's Crew Sock

Check out our Jack O' All Trades Men's Crew Socks for the ultimate icon of Halloween - the Jack O Lantern!

Your feet are trapped in your shoes all day. Why not give them something fun and festive to look at with these super cool socks?


11. For the Yoga Lover Skeleton Yoga Men's Crew Socks

Spooky, scary skeletons? Nah! These are yoga loving skeletons! These skeletons have found their inner peace. They say yoga relaxes the bones and brings you to nirvana.

Buy these Skeleton Yoga Men's Crew Socks to show how truly zen you are.

Review:  My son just loves unique socks, and yours are TOPS! Thanks so much for your creativity, quality and efficient check out and delivery!


12.For the Sugar lover Sugar Skull Socks

Finish off your "Day of the Dead" celebration look with matching sugar skull ankle socks. Visit the graveyard in style.

Skull ankle socks for your feet on Halloween goes well too. Especially if you are wearing sandals to show off the glitter. No curses just pure glitter pink skull artistry.

13.For the Witch, Goth Witch Ballet Slippers Women's Knee High Socks

If you want to be on "pointe" but you're also part witch, these Goth Witch Ballet Slippers Women's Knee High Socks are perfect for you! 

These black striped socks are the ideal accessory for anyone who likes to live on the dark side.

14.Death Before Decaf Men's Crew Sock

Decaf?! You must mean broken coffee. 

For the coffee loving crazy sock connoisseur, we offer up these amazing new Death Before Decaf Men's Crew Socks!Your feet are trapped in your shoes all day. Why not give them something fun and festive to look at with these super coolsocks?

Review: Great, fits like a charm and the design is very cool


15.Muscle Crew Socks

Our Muscle Crew Socks are the coolest (and creepiest) socks around. 

Humans are the only large creatures that can stand on two feet continuously. We owe the stability to achieve this to 26 bones, 33 joints and 19 muscles and tendons in each foot and ankle.