8 Businesses Created By People With Differing Abilities



1. Purely Patrick "​​​Don't DIS my ABILITY Products with passion Profits with purpose"

Hi!  My name is Patrick Lewis.

I love to listen to music, spend time outside, sing, swim, and participate in adaptive skiing and paddle boarding.  I love spending time with my family.  I have so much fun making these products and I hope you will enjoy them too!

My products are made by the use of assistive technology.  I use a pouring device that is activated by a switch that I control.  I have the help of my mother and 2 job coaches to ensure the measurements of my products are correct.

I participate in local craft fairs and farmer's  markets.  My "Made in Vermont" products are done so with care and determination to ensure that they are the absolute best experience for my customers. 


2.Austins Underdawgs " The Perfect Choice"

It all started with a determined young man with Down Syndrome and the desire to be a Chef.

At age 21 he attended a vocational program at Eastern New Mexico University designed for people with limited abilities. Since Austin had never learned to read, he was not a good candidate for a Chef job, but he quickly learned skills to be an excellent Prep Chef in the University cafeteria. His love of food had him yearning to own his own restaurant. Some 16 years later, Austin is taking his show on the road selling “Underdawg Hot Dogs” in his Traveling Dawgmobile!

Understanding the needs of people with limited abilities, Austin knows how important it is to help his fellow man. For this reason, Austin’s Underdawgs has developed a Fundraising source event in addition to operating his for profit business.

Austin’s favorite charity is The Each & Everyone Foundation” which is dedicated to improving the lives of people with limited abilities through vocational training and working in society to the maximum extent possible.
3.Zabs Place

So who is ZABS? ZABS is the acronym of the Hebrew name of a young man named Zachary. A happy, athletic, positive, take-over-the-world (in a good way) teen. He was awesome to be around. His friends and family loved him. His teachers raved about him. He was passionate about helping others, especially children and teens with special needs. That’s how he got involved in Friendship Circle. When Zachary was 18, he was diagnosed with a horrific form of Leukemia. He fought a ferocious battle and bravely faced the challenges and suffering no 18 year old should know. Ever! Zachary went into a remission for a short while but unfortunately the dreaded disease came back, and Zachary was taken from us at the young age of 19. ZABS Place reminds us of Zecharya Avraham Boruch Shporer and the incredible example he lived and taught.


4.One for All

The mother-and-son team of Theresa and Sean DeMarco conceived the idea for a gift shop after realizing they needed to find a new way to promote Sean’s business, Decades Collectibles, once the pandemic shut down many of the typical venues where his items could be sold.

Sean, a young man on the Autism Spectrum, wanted to make sure other young adults like him had the same opportunity. “We need to stick together”, Sean said. And, One For All was created!

As residents of the North Fork of Long Island, Sean and Theresa wanted a brick and mortar location close to home.  They were blessed to find the perfect spot in the picturesque town of Southold.  The shop opened its doors on October 31, 2020.

The motto of “A shared space with a shared purpose” highlights the collective mission to promote positivity, inclusion and the pursuit of dignified employment for all people! 


5.Texas Sweet Heat Jam