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Thomas Picks Socks for Wedding Guests

Recently, our sock wrangler Thomas was the best man at his brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. He gave a rousing speech to the crowd, as a best man should. He thanked the bride’s parents, spoke of activities that the brothers enjoyed together and recalled places that the family visited on vacations.

Thomas as Best Man

To commemorate the special day, the bride and groom selected a fun assortment of socks as their party favors. In a moving gesture, Thomas came to the John’s Crazy Socks facility and personally picked the socks that were chosen especially for the wedding guests. He and his co-worker, Gary, then prepared each gift bag by adding a sock, a notecard, and a sticker indicating that the order was handpicked by Thomas. On the day of the wedding, the gift bags were displayed on a table and guests were directed to 'Grab some socks!' to bring home after the party.
Thomas placing socks in bag as he picks an order  Gary and Thomas prepare gift bags  
Bags of Wedding Socks and Thomas' Sticker
Table of Socks
Sock Sign


 Judging by these texts and posts, the socks were a huge hit!

Four Socks   Garden Socks  

Sock text   Golf Socks from Wedding


Socks make for a fun and colorful favor for any event. The newlyweds selected from our large variety of fabulous socks to give a pair to each guest. The groomsmen also wore playful wedding party socks to enhance their formal suits.

Other couples choose to create custom socks with a personal design. They work with Carol to fashion socks with just the right colors and prints that are uniquely their own. Learn more about that here. Either way you win!

Groomsmen Display Their Socks

Below, you can see the socks that Thomas picked. They are available for purchase at John's Crazy Socks for your own event:





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