Meet the Happiest Employee at John’s Crazy Socks – John B.


While we do have several employees named John working at John’s Crazy Socks, John B., a Sock Wrangler since 2018, is one of the happiest. John is always so excited to come to work and his enthusiasm for picking socks is no less than electric. Whether he is wearing his autism awareness socks or his favorite “Socks, Socks, and More Socks,” John brings a smile to the face of everyone he meets.


John says that he would work all the time, unless of course it’s Monday, when he has basketball practice. You see, John has been a Special Olympics athlete for four years with the Commack Sharks. His teammates include fellow John’s Crazy Socks co-workers John Cronin and Andrew O.


John B. loves trains. In fact, his grandfather commuted on the Long Island Railroad to New York City for many years. But John will tell you that there’s no better place to see trains than the magnificent Grand Central Terminal. It’s one of his favorite places to visit because it’s very big and he likes the way it looks. On a recent visit, John took this photo inside of the busy terminal. He also enjoys the beautiful scenic Hudson River from the train traveling to Croton-Harmon.


As a die-hard pizza lover, John B. can’t decide which he loves more, trains or pizza. Especially when his pizza is topped with pepperoni or meatballs. And, according to John, there’s great Sicilian pizza to be found at Grand Central Terminal. What could be better?


Since John will be celebrating his next birthday at Grand Central Terminal, maybe the day will include some pizza and another trip on the Metro-North Railroad.