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John's Favorite Patriotic Socks for 4th of July, and Labor Day 2018

John's  Favorite Patriotic Socks for 4th of July, and Labor Day 2018
Memorial Day is the ‘unofficial’ kick-off to summer and with barbeques and beaches on the brain, John wanted to show everyone that socks can be worn year-round. Memorial Day and summer holidays like the 4th of July are around the corner. We asked John to hand-select some of his favorite patriotic socks to wear. Looking for a stylish pair of ankle socks that will go great with sneakers or dare I say – sandals(it’s all the rage now)? John says you can find the perfect American themed socks to show off at any summer party. Check them out below.
Patriotic Summer Women's Gift Bag of Socks screams American pride. Featuring 6 ankle socks and 3 no-show socks all with a patriotic red, white, and blue theme. These socks can be worn all summer long. Whether you are in the office in your flats or going for a summer run these socks will keep your American spirits running high. No-show socks are a summer must-have. They’re stylish and your feet won’t sweat and break down the material in your shoes. These socks vary from bag to bag meaning if you order two, you might get totally different socks in each bag (John loves the element of surprise. He says it makes the gift bags a “fun mystery”).
Founding Father Socks

Looking into American History, there are many founding fathers we could say shaped America into what we are today. Alexander Hamilton, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson are the Greats. What better way to celebrate these men on the 4th of July then wearing them on your feet. Here is a little fun fact about each of these men to show why you would wear these socks on any of these holidays. George Washington is the only president who did not belong to a political party.  Abraham Lincoln honored the President who saved the nation. Thomas Jefferson is the author to the Declaration of Independence and the Third President. Alexander Hamilton the first Secretary of the Treasury and has an amazing musical about him (the perfect pair to wear to the Hamilton Musical).



With some of John’s favorite patriotic holiday upon us, how could he not pick out an American flag themed pair of socks? Show your pride for the Land O' Plenty with our beautiful Stars and Stripes Knee High Socks also available in Ankle socks & Crew socks. Sporting these patriotic socks also unlocks a world of great ice breakers, such as “On a scale of one to Stars and Stripes Socks, how free are you tonight?” You can thank us later…


Whether it's the Fourth of July or Memorial day, these USA Mismatched Flag Socks are always the perfect fashion statement for a true patriot at heart. These festive summer socks are available for both men & women, so you can match your partner or fly solo.


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